untensil holder

If there is one toy you can find in every household, it must be LEGO! While your kids are probably ruling the world of Lego, there is no reason why you couldn’t have a bit of fun with it!

And by fun, we don’t mean organizing it in color-coded boxes clearly marked with each color name. We know there are people who do that but let’s not expose them right here. Why not put your Lego friends to good use and create something useful and fun? Assign one of these as a new Lego project for your kids or give them a hand and have a bit of fun together!

1Cord Holder

cord holder

Try to find a guy with that facial expression, it’s priceless!

2Hero Display

hero display
source -brickknight.com

Love a good hero? Well then they all deserve to be prominently featured in your kids room!

3Utensil Holder

untensil holder

Super easy project even for the smallest kids.

4Sweets Dispenser

sweets dispenser

A little magic box with sweets storage.

5Lego Magnets

lego magnets

Cutest little fridge magnets.

6Lego Candle Holder

candle holder

Beautiful scandi inspired candle holder.

7Card Holder

Simple holder for poker cards or recipe cards.

8Lego Chess

lego chess

Learning to play chess? No better way to do that than with a proper Lego Chess set!

9Key Holder

key holder one

Simple and practical. Assign a character to each household member to mark their own key.

10Lego Marble Run

lego marble run

Fun with a marble.

11Lego Sanitizers

lego sanitizers

Get kids excited about keeping clean hands.

12Lego Lamp Shade

lamp shade

Careful with this one, don’t place the lamp too close to the Legos as it may overheat.

13Lego Tree House

lego tree house

Not just for birdies but also for small Lego people.

14Lego Plant Pot

lego plant pot

Disclaimer: Not leak proof.

15Lego Flowers

art flowers

No watering required. Blooms all the time.

16Portable Lego Storage

portable lego storage

Travelling? Take your Lego with you!

17Lego Table

lego table

Turn your train table into a Lego table.

18Genius Lego Storage

lego storage

Handy access for little hands.

19Lego Kitchen Island

lego kitchen island

Lego project on a grand scale.

20Lego Coasters

lego coasters

For real tea time games.