20 Ways to Fight Exhaustion and Fatigue

A mother’s day is a marathon. It is a full-time juggling career between taking care of your kids, prepping meals, folding clothes, cleaning the house, and trying to squeeze in some “me time”.

And that “me time” often turns into another chore. It is like you can’t stop thinking about what you’re going to do next.

It is no wonder you feel tired all the time. Although the work of raising kids, both little ones and older, can be physical at times, the fatigue often comes overwhelmingly from the mind too.

So, if you, like many mothers, feel exhausted to the very marrow of your bones, it is time to find a way to combat that feeling, without packing your bags for a Hawaiian getaway. Don’t worry, we’ve got not one, but twenty ways to win the battle.

Own your fatigue

super mom

Many moms do not want to admit they are tired, as if that would make them bad mothers in a way.

Well, we have news for you mam, you are already a superhero for all the incredible work you are doing. The sooner you admit your chores are affecting your lifestyle and your health, the sooner you’ll be able to fight back.

Ask for help

more help at home

Sometimes moms can put on such a great Oscar performance about that makes everything seem easy and picture-perfect. Cut the act, and admit you need help, from your partner, parents, family, and friends. They can’t know you need assistance if you don’t tell them.

Find the time (and solitude) to meditate


Deep breathing and meditation allow more air to flow to your brain, which instantly makes you feel more energized. But how can you find the time for yourself when you can hardly go to the bathroom alone?

Well, you don’t need more than fifteen minutes, so you can meditate before you go to bed, when your kids are taking a nap or when you are in the bathroom.

Keep a journal of negative thoughts

positive journal

Frustrations are bad enough on their own, but when they are kept inside for some time they can make you burn out. Writing down your cares on the paper releases the burden if just a little bit.

And if you can’t find a pen and paper among all the coloring books and crayons, you can just take your diary to the modern day by recording your thoughts with your smartphone or a voice recorder.

Not everything is a priority

fatigue fighting

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While you have to make sure your kids eat their vegetables, you don’t really have to do the laundry every day. This is just an example, but setting up a priority list for every day can help you be organized and leave some time to rest and be by yourself or to spend it enjoying with your kids instead of worrying and running around to pack their lunch.

Please don’t stop the music


Remember when you were a college girl and you used to listen to music and dance while tidying the house? Newsflash: listening to music doesn’t consume any of your time for chores and you can do that simultaneously. It is proven that listening to music can make you feel uplifted and content.

Give your diet a makeover

healthy eating

Are you constantly eating on the go? Ditch that burger because it is making you feel tired. Besides being unhealthy, processed and fried food demands a lot of energy to be processed by your digestive system, and it leaves you feeling exhausted. Instead, eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and seafood, and when you are up for a snack, switch chips for energizing nuts.

Bottoms up!


Being constantly tired is often an indicator of dehydration. No one blames you for forgetting to drink your eight glasses of water per day, it is a mere wonder you haven’t forget to breathe with all the things you have on your back, but this is so important.

If you can’t remember to pour a glass of water a couple of times a day, have a bottle by your side and when you finish it, refill it immediately.

Let’s get physical

mom workout

Are you among the people who think exercising makes you tired? Sorry to break it to you, but this is not the case. Physical activity actually helps you feel energized and focused throughout the day.

It would be best to get some (at least seven minutes of high-intensity training) workout as soon as you wake up, but you can also do it whenever you find the time. If you have a small baby, there are plenty of swimming, yoga, and aerobics courses that provide mommy and baby bonding training.

Get to bed early

bed early
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So, you have put your kids to bed and now you finally have some time to binge your favorite Netflix show?

That might not be a good idea since your body is desperate for sleep. If you still feel short on the much-needed shut-eye, consider taking a nap at the same time your little ones do.

Listen to your tick-tack

If you ever thought all of the tales about night owls and early birds are nonsense, well you thought wrong.

Different people have different circadian rhythms. Listen to your body clock carefully to see at what time of the day you have the most energy, and do the most demanding tasks at that time.

Take your vitamins…

mom vitamins

Your children probably drank vitamins at some point of their life to boost their immunity, improve their bone health, and generally their health. Why wouldn’t you do the same? You are probably lacking some essential nutrients which can be one of the reasons why you are so exhausted.

Some of the best supplements for fatigue are vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium, iron, and ginseng. You can also get healthy support for physical and mental fatigue from a mitochondrial formula which addresses the powerhouses of your body and enhances energy.

Get caffeinated


We know you were just dying to read this: coffee is OK, but only in moderate amounts. You can also find alternative sources of caffeine such as green Matcha powder. Also, don’t take your coffee in the evening unless you want to have “Give-me-the-ring-my-precious eyes” (Lord of the Rings) at 3 a.m.

Walking on sunshine

vitamin D

“Let’s go to the park mom!” How many times have you heard this sentence and its variations today? While you may think a walk to the park and chasing your children on the roller coasters and swings will definitely make you more tired, that doesn’t have to be true.

In fact, exposure to sunlight regulates your melatonin level, which, in return, regulates your sleep cycle. Sun is also the primary source of vitamin D which has a strong correlation with feeling rested. You’re welcome.

Kick start your day with a nutritious breakfast

healthy breakfast

We already mentioned regulating your diet, but breakfast is a whole new story. Prepare a morning meal which is easy to digest but provide you with enough energy to get through the tough day ahead. That can be a nutrient-packed smoothie or a bowl of oatmeal.

Chill girl!

freshen up

If you have ever jumped into a cold river or a lake then you remember the sudden feel of electricity run through you. This is a good way to fight an emergency energy crisis right away.

Now you don’t have to go all the way and jump into a cold river. All you need to do is to run some cold water over your wrists for a couple of minutes to rev yourself up.

A tech detox

tech detox

Digital devices can put a strain on your eyes and make you feel more tired than you normally are. It gets even worse if you keep your phone, computer, or digital alarm clock in your bedroom.

Don’t keep your phone at your side all the day, or if you have to, take a few times a day to check your emails and other notifications instead of glaring into it every five minutes, and lose all the tech from your bedroom, of course.

Get in mint shape


Mint stimulates your response to taste and scents, and this makes you more vigilant. It seems like it is a good idea to always keep some mint gum, packaged mints, and tea at the reach of your hand. You can also grow a spearmint plant to have that scent spreading throughout your home.

By brushing your fingers through the leaves you will release the scent. Put it in cold water with lemon and drink it to remain hydrated or use it for food prep.


mom friends

Kids are great, really, but if your only discussion topic is who is a better princess in Frozen, Elsa or Ana, that can really wear you out. Find time to spend with people your age and talk about things that matter to you:  books, wine, politics, shoes… whatever.

But be alone too…

alone time

What’s the first word that pops your mind when someone says “kids”? Well, love, certainly, but also noise. You know what, every girl needs some quiet time, and if that requires asking your partner, family member, or a friend for a favor, so be it. Spend it doing something you enjoy it, regardless whether it is a hot bath, Netflix, and chill session, or a walk in the park.

It is a long road from being exhausted to being OK, and even a longer one to being energized. However, if you follow these tips you might live to tell the tale to other mothers and be their superhero too because your kids already know you are a Wonder Women, you just need to see that too, and then perhaps you will start making things easier for yourself.

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