nursery shelf decor above changing table

There is nothing better than decorating a nursery – an exciting time in the life of every new mom which also comes with it’s challenges. There are so many themes and styling options that you might end up feeling overwhelmed with all the choices.

Same goes for each and every aspect of the little room – including nursery shelves. They make them in every material, color, shape and size. What’s more, no matter how outrageous your nursery theme might be, it’s pretty much guaranteed you will find a nursery shelf that will fit.

If you’re here for a bit of inspiration, be it for shelf styling, looking for a cute way to display the baby book, tips for gender neutral nursery shelves or a feel for your nursery shelf, we did our best to bring you the most gorgeous designs and ideas from Pinterest!

Happy browsing!

1Baby Girl Nursery Shelf Styling

2Wooden Hanging Nursery Shelf

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3A Touch of Gold and Wood

4Nursery Shelf Above Changing Table

5Nordic Cloud Nursery Shelf

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6Tree Inspired Nursery Shelf

7Mountain Nursery Shelf Set

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8Simple Wooden Nursery Shelf Styling

source: Pinterest

9Moon Nursery Shelf

10Minimalist Nursery Shelf above Changing Table

11Wooden Houses Nursery Shelf

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12Nursery Shelf with Hanger

13Corner Nursery Shelf

14Standalone Gold Nursery Shelf

15Wooden Nursery Shelf for Tight Spaces

16Playful Nursery Shelf Styling

17All Pink Nursery Shelf Styling for Girls

18Whole Wall Nursery Shelves


19Colorful Houses Nursery Shelf Collection

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20Hanging Tiered Nursery Shelf

21Little House Nursery Shelves


22Above Crib Nursery Shelf


23Reading Corner Nursery Shelf

24Neutral Nursery Shelf Styling

25All Wood Nursery Shelf Styling

26Nursery Shelves and Storage in One

27Monochrome Nursery Shelf Styling

28Cloud Wall Shelf

29Space Inspired Nursery Shelf Styling

30Reading Corner Book Shelf

31Minimalist Nursery Shelf Above Changing Table

32Full Width Nursery Shelf

33Skyline Nursery Shelf

34Natural Nursery Shelf Styling

35Build In Nursery Shelves

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