80+ Best Bright Summer Nails Ideas to Rock This Year

When winter is finally over there is nothing we love more than seeing bright colors. We change our clothes and our accessories, and bright summer nails are the perfect addition!

There are so many colorful nail designs to choose from to keep your nails bright all summer long.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorites, as well as some tips to help make sure your bright summer nails last as long as possible. 

Bright summer nails design can work on any length and shape of the nail.

If you have longer nails you’ll have a larger canvas and can really have fun trying out a few different designs. If you have shorter nails you’ll still be able to do some colorful nail designs, but you may want to get some nail art brushes as they are easier to work with.

80+ Cutest Bright Summer Nails for Inspiration

There are so many different popular styles for bright summer nails that we thought it’s best to round them up by style! You can use the table of content to navigate to the style you’re most interested in or browse the whole collection by scrolling below.

Below are some of the best bright nail designs to try out this summer.

Style 1: Neon Bright Summer Nails

Nothing says summer like neon colors!

Neon green, yellow, pink and orange are all very common colors to see, and if you can’t decide on one you can always do a combination. While you can pick up neon nail polish in most drugstores, it does tend to be a little more delicate in terms of wearability.

If you really want your neon nails to last we recommend getting either gel polish that’s cured or gel/acrylic nails.

Pink Glow

bright summer nails

Vibrant Varnish

bright summer nails

Neon Artistry

bright summer nails

Glow Getter

bright summer nails

Radiant Nails

bright summer nails

Neon Elegance

bright summer nails

Fluorescent Fingertips

bright summer nails

Colorful Claws

bright summer nails

Neon Dreams

bright summer nails

Dazzling Digits

bright summer nails

Style 2: Tips for Bright Summer Nails

If you prefer something a little more subtle try a colorful take on a french manicure. Instead of doing the classic white tip, pick your favorite summer colors.

Pastel colors are a great choice for a colored tip.

You can try doing it free hand and use a cotton swab to clean it up after, or lay some tape down below your free edge as sort of a stencil.

Glowing Glamour

bright summer nails

Glitter Chic

bright summer nails

Red Hearts

bright summer nails

Bright Manicure

bright summer nails

Pop of Color

bright summer nails

Bright & Breezy

bright summer nails

Summer Chic

bright summer nails

Nail Radiance

bright summer nails

Vacation Nails

bright summer nails

Tropical Touch

bright summer nails

Style 3: Floral Bright Summer Nails

Floral nail designs are a classic for summer.

And the best part is there are endless color combinations you can do! If you are just starting out with your own nail designs, there is a simple way to do a floral nail design: apply your base color (you can even just do a clear coat if you really want the flower to pop) and then take a dotting tool or toothpick and do a few dots in a circle for the petals. Pick a different color for the middle and finish with a top coat!

Summer Blossoms

bright summer nails

Floral Fiesta

bright summer nails

Tropical Blooms

bright summer nails

Bright Petals

bright summer nails

Summer Garden

bright summer nails

Flower Power

bright summer nails

Colorful Bouquets

bright summer nails

Sun-Kissed Nails

bright summer nails

Yellow Splash

bright summer nails


bright summer nails

Style 4: Ombre Bright Summer Nails

Ombre nail art is another great way to mix and match a few different colors at once, to get a beautiful design for your bright summer nails.

Pick two or three of your favorite summer colors and swipe them on a makeup sponge. Press the sponge onto your nail beds, you may have to go in with fresh paint two or three times. Clean up the edges and smooth it out with your top coat.

Vivid Summer Fade

bright summer nails

Golden Hearts

bright summer nails

Beachy Blend

bright summer nails

Natural Ombre

bright summer nails

Sandy Ombre

bright summer nails

Seaside Ombre

bright summer nails

Warm Transition

bright summer nails

Pink and Yellow Ombre

bright summer nails

Sunrise Ombre

bright summer nails

Beach Bliss

bright summer nails

Style 5: Pink Bright Summer Nails

Pink is one of our favorite colors for summer, and there are so many shades to choose from. Bubblegum pink, pastel pink, hot pink, and neon pink are good shades to start experimenting with.

You can pick one as your main color and pick a secondary color for an accent nail, or top a few nails off with a clear glitter!

Summer Pink Pizzazz

bright summer nails

Vivid Summer Mani

bright summer nails

Bright Pink Bliss

bright summer nails

Pink Paradise

bright summer nails

Sizzling Pink Nails

bright summer nails

Summer Shine

bright summer nails

Hot Pink Glam

bright summer nails

Pink Perfection

bright summer nails

Multi Pink Vibes

bright summer nails

Pink Passion

bright summer nails

Style 6: Bright Summer Nails for the Beach

Who doesn’t love going to the beach in the summer? Or better yet, having the beach with you wherever you go! For beach nails you don’t have to necessarily do beach nail art, you can just pick a few of the colors that are associated with the beach.

You can use turquoise for the water, light blue for the sky, yellow for the sun, white for some clouds, and even beige for the sand.

If you do want to do some nail art, check out Pinterest for some tutorials on things like seashell nail art, sand nail art, and ocean nail art.

Island Elegance

bright summer nails

Beach Breeze Glamour

bright summer nails

Bright Sea

bright summer nails

Seashore Sparkle

bright summer nails

Beach Babe Beauty

bright summer nails

Beach Vacation Glam

bright summer nails

Shoreline Splendor

bright summer nails

Bright Sands, Bright Nails

bright summer nails

Tropical Escape Tips

bright summer nails

Vibrant Coastal Charm

bright summer nails

Style 7: Tropical Bright Summer Nails

Take your beach nails one step further and try out some tropical summer nails!

You can take many of the same elements of beach nail art and add in some other colors like red and orange. Take your nail art brush and draw some simple palm leaves over your base color for some perfect tropical nail art!

Sizzling Summer

bright summer nails

Exotic Colors

bright summer nails

Tropical Leaves

bright summer nails

Summer Glitter

bright summer nails

Palm Tree Paradise

bright summer nails

Pink Florals

bright summer nails

Island Sunset

bright summer nails

Boho Summer

bright summer nails

Tropical Trends

bright summer nails

Bright Flora

bright summer nails

Style 8: Simple Bright Summer Nails

There are many options for simple bright summer nails if. You can select any of your favorite summer colors and do any combination you like.

For something a little different, pick up a matte top coat instead of your usual high gloss top coat. You can also incorporate glitter, or multiple shades of the same color.

Lemon Magic

bright summer nails

Fuchsia Glam

bright summer nails

Sparkling Duo

bright summer nails

Beach Ready

bright summer nails

Pastel Paradise

bright summer nails

Funky Fresh

bright summer nails

Sunset Variations

bright summer nails

Seasonal Ombre

bright summer nails

Summer Wow

bright summer nails

Sandy Steps

bright summer nails

Now that you have your colorful summer nails, make sure they last! If you are doing your own nails, make sure you start off with a clean base.

Push your cuticles back and give your nails a good buff so there are no ridges. Clean your nails with polish remover before you start painting to make sure your nail beds have no excess oils or residue from your previous polish.

A good base and top coat are key factors in making sure your nail art lasts.

A good base coat will protect your nails from being stained or discolored, which can happen with dark colors. It also acts as an adhesive for the color. A good top coat will protect the polish and make it last!

Whether you get your nails done professionally or you do them yourself, it’s important to do what you can to protect them. Some things are unavoidable, like washing your hands.

Wearing rubber gloves while you do dishes is a great way to keep your nail art looking fresh! 

Our last piece of advice is to have some fun with it! Try out a few different designs and see what you like best. Experiment with different colors, finishes, and designs, and you’re sure to find the perfect summer nail design.

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