Pretty Red Bottom Nails: The Ultimate Guide for Louboutin Manicure

Fashion comes full circle after red bottom heels rock the runways and streets with red bottom nails!

Also known as the Louboutin manicure, red bottom nails are a creative spin on your traditional nail styles by painting the bottom surface of your nail plate a striking red, giving your manicure that extra oomph.

When Christian Louboutin designed his first shoe, he’s rumored to have picked up his assistant’s nail paint and painted over the sole of his high heels giving us an iconic shoe. We say, why not actually let it inspire our next nail design? 

While the heels and purses might remain hard to buy, a Louboutin manicure is surprisingly easy to achieve at home!

Stun everyone with this innovative nail style, don’t hold back! 

Browse the article below to know exactly what you need to get the nail style of the year!

Video tutorial: Red Bottom Nails with Acrylic Nails

If you’re going with acrylic nails, getting red bottom nails is fairly simple. It’s easier to work with a longer nail plate so try long coffin or oval nails to enhance the Louboutin look.

Proceed as usual with pasting the nails.

After applying your top coat, take a wide brush to apply a stunning red color to the bottom. Don’t forget to get the edges as well to create an elegant and professional look. 

Click on the video tutorial below to see a step by step breakdown of how you can achieve this luxurious look. 

YouTube video

Video tutorial: Almond Shape Red Bottom Nails

If you’re feeling bolder, try a fancy almond shaped nail plate to further accentuate your red bottom nails. Louboutins are known for their sharp heels that build a lethal look. Your nails can mimic the same!

We prefer using subtler colors on the top face to let the reds of the bottom show through and create some depth in the Louboutin look.

Try some jewels and accessories to play nude tones and let the red show from under! 

Click on the link below to see how you can achieve the perfect almond shape red bottom nails!

YouTube video

Red Bottom Nails: The Essentials to Pull off the Look

To create a striking Louboutin nail style, you will need some essentials. To recreate the iconic red-bottomed heels, we prefer going with matte black or black nail polish for the top and striking ed for the bottom of your nails.

Additionally, we prefer longer nail plates that have space to create the play that the red bottom creates. Coffin, almond or square nail shapes will give you the perfect length for this look. 

Don’t forget a wide brush to get a mess-free under-mani as well!

The Gallery for Red Bottom Nails

We’ve put together some of our favorite red bottom nails looks below.

From long pointy coffins to sharp and edgy square nail plates, these nail looks use a range of nail colors and jewels that make Louboutin nails a must-try for every nail enthusiast this year.

Browse through the collection below to find inspiration for your next style!

red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure
red bottom nails - Louboutin manicure

Common Mistakes with Red Bottom Nails

One of the key rules to remember while you try your hand at Louboutin nails, is to keep the brush that you use for the under-nail color relatively dry.

This will help you achieve the look and keep it mess-free. Pull on the skin around the nail bed to avoid getting any nail paint on your fingertips. If you do, then you can use a Q-tip to brush off any drops of red from your skin. 

Also remember to cover the edges with red paint as well to avoid making the nail style look like a disorganized job. Pair these nails with your Louboutin heels and you’re ready to roll! 

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