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Gather some honey-sweet inspiration for a boho-inspired nursery with unique design elements that will delight and surprise you! There are way too many incarnations of the boho style to choose from: from wild and back-to-nature to chic and sophisticated; from minimalist to a cozy mess!

Seek out your favorite details, including custom-made cots, wicker furniture, homemade yarn creations, floral and safari elements, and blankets you yourself would want to snuggle into! We love the creativity and soft palettes used, and are sure that you will too!


boho baby nursery inspiration home decor

1Unique Designs

2Fairytale Inspiration

3Safari Land

4Wall Art Setting

5Crochet Décor Pieces

6A Special Spot for Lullabies!

7Simple Charms

8Upscale Sophistication

9Bring Out the Baskets!

10Soft Color Palette

11Wreaths of Greens

12Rustic Style

13‘Stardust and Wishes and Magical Things’

14Rattan Cot

15Cot Canopy

16Hello From Africa

17Dream Catchers

18A Place for Rest and Comfort

19Floral and Fluffy

20Native American TeePee Style

21Soft and Cozy

22Handmade Stuffed Animals Old School!

23A Warm Bambie Blanket!!!

24Positive Messages

25Wooden Cots and Yarn

26Chandeliers Anew

27Attic Style

28Arrows and Feathers

29Design Details


31For the Adventurers’ Baby

32A Pristine Corner for the Little One


34Simple and Floral

35Vintage Charm

36A Natural Setup

37Pinks and Greens

38A Neverland

39Sweet Dreams Are Made of This!

Let us know your favorite type of boho, dear momoozes!


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