If there is one word that’s been trending all year it’s certainly Boho.

Boho home decor has taken over Pinterest and Instagram and everyone is keen to get their house or apartment looking cozy and Insta-friendly.

If you’re keen to bring a bit of boho vibes to your own living room, we’ve got plenty of tips to get you started. The good news is this home decor style doesn’t require any designer furniture and with a few clever tips you can do it pretty much on any budget.

Roll up your sleeves and lets run through some of the best boho living room ideas!

1Marcarme Hanger

Macrame is a really affordable way to add an instant boho vibe to any room. Depending on the size, you can stretch your budget as much as needed, or if you’re skilled enough, make one yourself.

The most popular ones are small macrame pot hangers which come in all shapes and sizes and have the additional benefit of being a beautiful home for your plants too.

2Black Prints

Boho living rooms are usually in very neutral beige tones but there is no rule against going very dark either. Start with neutral focal point like a sofa which you can always change up depending on season or your current style.

Adding black & white framed prints behind your sofa along with some dark blankets and a patterned carpet is a really easy and cheap way to style up your living room.

3Farmhouse Boho Vibes

A stylish rug and brown leather sofa is always a good starting point if you want to change up your living room without having to invest in a lot of other accessories.

4Textiles with Texture

Texture in boho style is super important and there are really easy way to make it work. Carpets can be expensive depending on their size, but you can always go for something smaller to start with and upgrade later.

Another great way to add texture to your room is pillow covers and blankets.

5Swing On

Who wouldn’t want to have a swing in the living room? If you have the space for it (and your ceiling will take the weight), go all in!

6Don’t Be Scared of Color

Pink can be a bit frightening to use especially if you’re aiming for boho vibes, but it works wonders when paired with neutral accessories and warm wood tones.

7Light Sources

Atmosphere lighting, candles and multiple light sources are a must for a cozy feeling in your living room.

8Minimalist Approach

Even as something small as adding natural material accessories can instantly change the look of your living room. Add a few finishing touches like boho cushions and a big feature plant to pull of the boho look in one go.

9Statement Gallery Wall

The wall behind your sofa should be your private gallery display. Order your favorite prints online and mix them up with your family pictures. No need to worry about sizes and frame colours – mix them up to create an artistic feel to your display.

10Shades of Grey

Do you love boho style but want to keep it sophisticated? Opt for shades of grey with a pop of color. Works wonders with dark-green plants like this huge cactus and beautiful simplistic prints for the walls.

11Small Room Solutions

Even the smallest living room could be transformed into boho paradise with a few decor touches. Think plants, extra lights and mirrors to reflect light and make the room optically bigger.

12Statement Plant

If your living room needs one thing, it’s certainly a statement plant. The bigger the better. Do your research and make sure you get an indoor plant that will thrive in the location where you want to put it – some plants like the one below need a lot of natural light so won’t do well in dark corner of the room.

13Fill the Corners with Terrariums

We’re back with macrame, this time in form of these gorgeous terrarium holders – aren’t they gorgeous?

14Use Mirrors to Reflect Light

Mirrors are a great way to make your room look bigger than it really is and also to reflect light to dark corners of the home.

15Jungle Corner

Dreaming about exotic vacation? Why not create a little jungle at home? All it takes is a few carefully chosen palm plants strategically placed around your favorite corner or sofa.

16Abstract Gallery Wall

If you’re not keen on black and white prints or photos of your family, abstract art works also really well when blended into boho decor.

17Make the Most out of Light Sources

Light can really transform a room so if you’re lucky enough to have big windows, ensure that they are not blocked by dark heavy curtains.

18Boho Pillows

Instant boho makeover? Buy pillow covers! They come in all shapes and sizes and changing the covers is the fastest way to achieve a different look without buying any extra furniture.

19Simple & Stylish

An art print can really set the tone for the room – in this case the neutral canvas of the print adds a feeling of serenity to this minimalist living room.

20Statement Furniture

Choose a focal point in your living room and make it the star of the show – this shelf display is the perfect example. Ideally use rattan materials if possible to bring in more natural elements.

21Books as Side Table

Improvise with your furniture – books make great side tables or plant pot holders.

22Scandi Boho Look

The minimalists among us will adore this look – simple tones without too much distractions, yet boho enough to tick all the boxes.

23Private Jungle

source: Pinterest

Mix plants and wall shelves to create a cozy yet super stylish backdrop in your living room. Elevate your plants on higher stands to add a bit of height to your space and fill in blank corners in the room.

24Dramatic Dark Walls

source: Pinterest

Don’t be afraid on color, especially on walls. The example here shows how beautifully you can blend dark walls with greenery and simple furniture.

25Vintage + Pink

If you have some vintage furniture pieces in your living room, make them stand out by providing a colorful backdrop.

26Stylish Curtains

Need a little privacy? Boho curtains won’t make your windows look heavy while providing a bit of protection against the views from the street. Alternatively, plants make a great replacement for curtains while making your place feel like a lush oasis.

27White Couch

If there is anything that really sets the tone for your living room, it must be your couch. Make the most out of it!

If you want to have the flexibility to change your style around the year, use a white couch as your neutral canvas and add accessories to style it up. A simple change like a different blanket and cushion covers will allow you to change up the look without investing in new couch each time.


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