How To Keep Your Home Cooler During Hot Summer Days?

Summer is implicative of having fun in the sun.

It’s the time for a summer get-away plan to take a break off work and school to enjoy some quality time with family and friends.

Summer is great, but with it comes some inconveniences because of the scorching sun.  

To keep your home cool, you must do some changes that will help in regulating the amount of heat in the house. We’ve prepared some tips and tricks to maintain stable temperatures in your home. 

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Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your house cool in the summer. 

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Reflect sunlight

Keeping direct sunlight away from your room will reduce warmth. The direct sun rays will increase the temperature if they are not reflected away.

There are reflective curtains and panels you can install to help in preventing sun rays from entering your house.  

Reflective curtains have a shiny reflective side facing outside that help keep the rays away. Neutral colored curtains are also recommended to reduce heat. 

Keep your blinds closed

Blinds are also effective in reducing heat levels in the house. There are reflective blinds in the market you can install to help in keeping heat away.

Keeping the blinds closed will reduce temperatures by making the house act like a cave where minimal heat is let in. 

The slats in blinds can also be adjusted to control heat gain and light in the house according to your preference. 

Another great idea is keeping the roller shades down with the reflective side facing the window. 

When the blinds and roller shades are down, you need to have clean air in the house. Breath clean air by installing 20x25x1 Air filter.

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Use your doors wisely

If you feel a room is cooler than the outdoor temperature, it’ll be wise if you close the door to maintain the room temperature.

This will prevent heat from diffusing in the room to raise the temperatures. 

Set your ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise

Ceiling fans rotating counterclockwise will push cool air down to the floor and warm air up to the ceiling.  

The cool air will make you feel colder without changing the room temperature. 

Let the cool night air in

On hot days, the temperatures at night are usually low. Take advantage by keeping your windows open at night to allow the cool air in.

By infusing the cold air, you can still have low temperatures even when the sun rises. Just remember to close the blinds before too much heat gets in. 

When opening windows, it’s good to open windows at both sides of the house to prevent heat from being trapped inside. 

 Using portable A/C

The tips won’t be 100% effective in making sure your house is well ventilated. Therefore, you need a portable A/C which you can use to cool some area in the house, when the other methods can’t be of help. 

In case of the built-in A/Cs, you need to maintain them to ensure they work as required. 

Grill more

It’s a no brainer, cooking in the house keeps a lot of heat. You should use these circumstances to take your cooking outside and enjoy some grilling. 

Grilling is fun, you can cook almost everything on a grill. Use this opportunity at night to enjoy the cold breeze of the night. 

DIY hacks on the fan and window

You should try this one, you will be surprised it works. Place some ice cubes in a bowl and place them in front of a fan. You will feel some cold breeze in the air. 

It might not be a very effective method, but it’s a good way to use some creativity. 

For the windows, you can point the fans out of the window. When a fan is facing out, it blows hot air out and replaces it with cold air from out. 

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Consider cotton sheets

Cotton sheets are light and good for breathing. They can keep you cool on hot summer nights. Try to stay low when sleeping, as heat rises cool air stays down. 

You can also go for the long-term effects which will make other summers run smoothly. Long-term improvements include planting trees strategically and develop some small gardens where you can relax in the shade. 

Aside from the heat, summer is a season for relaxation and fun. The spruce has some brilliant and creative summer ideas to make it even more fun. 


Summers are fun but they also bring the scorching heat with them. The ideas and tips mentioned above may help you in cooling down your home during these days of summer.

 Do you have any other tips to keep your home cool? Do let us know in the comments below.

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