Moving Day Makeover: Using Local Movers to Revitalize Your Home’s Interior Design

Moving gives you the perfect chance to revamp your home’s interior design completely. Instead of just creating the same old layouts, get creative! Envision how you truly want each room to look and feel.

Arrange your furniture in brand-new configurations that better suit your current lifestyle.

With the expertise of local movers in handling precious items and a fresh perspective, they can assist you in arranging furniture and decor in unexpected ways that transform your new abode into a personalized oasis.

Moving Day Makeover

Moving Furniture with the Help of Professional Movers

Moving is extremely stressful. Hiring professional movers can make things way easier for homeowners. They know how to properly pack and transport everything, including fragile items and heavy furniture, without damage.

That way, you don’t have to kill yourself doing all that heavy lifting and packing. The biggest benefits of going with the pros are:

  1. Saves You Time: If you’ve moved before, you know it’s really hard to guess how many trips you’ll need to move everything. The movers are experts at cramming it all into the truck properly, so it only takes one trip. There is no wasting hours going back and forth.
  2. Way Less Stressful: Moving is one of the most stressful life events. There’s so much to figure out, and it takes a mental and physical toll. Hiring movers means you don’t have to sweat the logistics. They have a whole routine to make it all go smoothly from start to finish.
  3. They Do All the Packing: Packing up every room and item is maybe the worst part. Most movers will pack everything up for you if you want. They bring all the boxes and supplies and have them done quickly without you lifting a finger.
  4. No Risk of Injury: Unless you know the proper lifting techniques, trying to move heavy furniture yourself is a great way to throw out your back. Movers are trained professionals with dollies and tools to move those big pieces safely without damaging walls or floors.

10 Quick Tips & Tricks to Rearrange Furniture on Moving Day

As mentioned before, moving into a new home is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start by rearranging your furniture layout. However, rearranging can be challenging without proper planning.

Follow these ten simple tips to make the process smooth and achieve a functional, visually appealing new layout.

Check the Foundation

Before moving anything, inspect the foundation of your new home for any cracks or issues. A solid foundation is crucial for the safety and stability of your home. Get any needed foundation repairs done first.

Think About How You’ll Use the Room

Decide what each room’s main purpose will be—is it a living room for relaxing, a dining room for eating, or a combination? Knowing the room’s function will help you arrange the furniture properly.

Pick a Focal Point

Choose something to be the main spotlight for the room – maybe a fireplace, entertainment center, or a lovely window view. Then, arrange the other pieces around this centerpiece.

Make Sure Traffic Flows

As you’re positioning furniture, walk through and make sure the pathways between rooms are clear. You don’t want people constantly having to squeeze around obstacles.

Measure Carefully

Get out the tape measure before rearranging. Confirm that larger furniture will fit through doorways and into the new spaces you want to put them.

Declutter First

Before the move, go through your stuff and get rid of anything you don’t need or use anymore. The less clutter, the easier it is to arrange furniture. Decluttering first allows you to maximize space in your new layout.

Clean Top to Bottom

Start rearranging by thoroughly cleaning the room, from the corners to the ceiling and floors. You’ll likely want to do another cleaning when the furniture is in its new spot. Cleaning creates a fresh slate for redesigning your space.

Don’t Hug Walls

Believe it or not, pushing sofas and chairs against walls makes a room feel smaller. Leave a little space between furniture and walls for an open feel. Pulling pieces slightly away gives rooms an airier, more expansive vibe.

Create Angles

In a very large room, angling some furniture pieces like sofas or chairs can help define separate conversation areas. Angled layouts add visual interest and break up boxy feelings.

Let in Light

Position furniture so it doesn’t block any windows or natural light sources, which can make an interior feel cramped and dark. Maximizing natural illumination brightens up your redesigned spaces.

Home Owners Checklist Before Re-Decorating Your Interior 

As a homeowner, before investing in any expensive interior decor you need to check the present condition of your home’ structure. Staying on top of potential foundation issues is crucial. Here’s a quick checklist to help you do a regular inspection around the house:

Windows & Doors

  • Peek around the frames for any gaps, cracks, or separations
  • Test them out do they open and close smoothly? Are the locks working right?


  • Walk every room and go nice and slow
  • Scan those floors for sags, bows, or cracks
  • Grab a level and check for slopes or unlevel spots

Walls & Ceilings

  • Do a slow scan, looking for those pesky drywall cracks
  • Corner cracks, seam splits, tape cracks, nail pops – note wherever you see them

Basement or Crawlspace

  • Head underground and check those walls
  • Horizontal, zigzag, or vertical cracks could mean settling
  • That settling may need some foundation repair down the road


  • Give the exterior a once over, especially porches, chimneys, brick
  • Wide gaps in the mortar or sinking and shifting are red flags
  • Those kinds of issues may require foundation repair eventually


Moving gives you a chance to redesign your home’s interior from scratch. Hire professional movers to help rearrange the furniture in a new layout that better fits your lifestyle.

Get rid of clutter first so you have a fresh start. Position pieces to create natural walking paths and let in plenty of light.

With some smart planning, your new place can feel like an inviting, personalized space that you’re excited to call home.

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