The style is a blend of different cultures, eras, and elements. The style shows and express your personality. The style is well known as artistic, free, and unusual spirit- the Boho style. 

Having a piece of Boho style or entire room as a boho bathroom at home is always something that recharged our mind and soul, bring us to an exotic place and help us to switch into vacation mode.

boho bathroom

The best thing in Boho style is that there are no rules to follow and you are free to use different patterns, colors and objects.

If you want to bring the free boho spirit easily in your home you may use accessories and turn your perfectly white and clear bathroom into a home spa. See some inspirational boho bathroom touches and create your own relaxing zone at home.

1Greens And Candles

White tiles, green plants in white pots, candles plus some old wooden pieces are the perfect and easiest way to add some boho spirit of your bathroom.

2Charcoal Bathtub

Boho Bathroom

The bathtub is the piece that could change the look of each bathroom. Choosing a charcoal bathtub or just adding ancient bathtub feet is enough to bring individuality to your bathroom. Of course the green plants and a rug are a must.

3Patterns And Textiles

Including some arts,  pattern towels and green plants may convert your simple bathroom into an exotic and relaxing area at your home.

4Mediterranean Spirit

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Feel the Mediterranean spirit adding some baskets and wooden accessories are natural elements in your bathroom.

5Glass And Tiles From Orient

Boho Bathroom

The perfect combination of clean glass and bright accent of the tiles. Elements and patterns take us in Morocco.

6Different Use Of The Ladder

Converting a wooden ladder into a shelf is something popular nowadays to give a character to your bathroom. You may use it for towels, small baskets, and plants, or other bathroom supplies.

7Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

Boho Bathroom

Mirror, mirror on the wall… It could be the piece that make your bathroom magical.

8Flowers And Fruits

Boho Bathroom

Be inspired by the colors for an ultimate boho result.


Boho Bathroom

Your bathroom could be in clear lines and colors but a sophisticated chandelier shows the individuality and the personal spirit.

10Magical Curtains

Boho bathroom

Curtains in natural color seams too boring but if they are embroidered or decorated are the best boho accessory.

11If The Walls Could Talk

Boho bathroom

Some people say “there is nothing like the shine of the old gold”.

12Make Your Home Your Heaven

Boho Bathroom

Living in a home where there is a spirit and personal signature in the details is something that help us to be more creative and happy. So be brave to add just a little touch as bright rugs, colorful curtains, wooden accessories and baskets, or just give a new life to an old item to create your own place of Boho heaven.