How to organize the perfect kidchella party this summer


One of the most exciting part of the summer besides the beach are the music and movie festivals.

All of them are inspirational and usually have a theme and in the same a supporting cause.

Additionally they are an inspiration for many fashion and lifestyle movements. The joyful and free soul of Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival gave us a rise to create the perfect Kidchella party to our little hippies.

1Pick the perfect outdoor space

Firstly, we need to pick the ideal place. There is no second opinion that the perfect Kidchella party must be outdoor, under the sky. Make sure to arrange a shadow place using tents for instance.

Throw some soft, bright pillows and blankets and as a result you will have the ultimate scene for a celebration.


2Perfect Kidchella symbols

Together with the place come the signs. Put signs just like on the festivals. Do not forget VIP passes or invitations along with colorful knitted bracelets and sunglasses are perfect boho additions.

Your kidchella will not be colorful enough without flower crowns and ribbons.

More attractively for your guests will be if you arrange a spot near the entrance with all of these adornments in order to be easier for them to grab one upon their arrival.

3Party invitations for perfect kidchella

4Bright blankets and soft pillows

5Here comes the sun… pretty sunglasses

6Knitted Bracelets

7Flower Crowns

8Dream Catcher

There is nothing as a well organized party than cool activities for the guests. Here is a tip- organize a dream catcher workshop for the kids.

In this way you will keep them busy in a funny way. After all the purpose of the party is to make the kids happy and overjoyed.

With this intention, do not forget to think about for a well organized photo corner.

Not to mention that little ones will be extremely happy to use all the party gears and will make a lot of magical and unique photos. So setting a special photo booth is absolutely mandatory.

9Hippie photo booth prop

10Flower Photo Frame

Above all we should not forget about the role of the food and beverages. With this in mind the splendid final touch to your perfect kidchella come along with perfect cake, sweets and drink.

Be inspired by the Ferris wheel at Coachella (Le Grande Wheel) and use the symbol to decorate a distinctive food corner in order to charm your guests.

11Cake and sweets



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