20+ Creative Photo Storage Ideas For Your Family Photos

We’ve all been there. Photos can creep up on you and surprise you. Here are some cool, and creative photo storage ideas for your family photos.

Out of nowhere, you have boxes full of photos reaching up as high as the ceiling and the whole idea of sorting through them feels more than daunting.

Memories are precious, but so is keeping your sanity.

If you don’t want to face another photo disaster each year, give yourself the challenge to get organized and find some practical photo storage ideas that will allow you to access your photos fast, and save them in a way that they don’t get damaged.

You can also create an autobiography template to remember your days. Whether printed or digital, you will find plenty of helpful tips on how to master the job of organizing, storing, and printing photos.

Best Photo Storage Ideas

Online Photo Storage Ideas:

  • Create transparent folders and file naming systems
  • Implement metadata management
  • Utilize auto-tagging software
  • Take advantage of cloud storage systems
  • Manage offline storage hardware

Printed Photo Storage Ideas:

  • Sort Through All Printed Photos. This one is a biggie
  • Scan To A Computer Or External Hard Drive
  • Back-Up Your Photos In Clouds
  • Make Photo Books With The Best Pictures
  • Frame Your Faves
  • Store Heirloom Photos In Safe Containers
  • Keep A Digital Log

Have you got good tips of your own? Don’t be shy and leave a comment below!

1. Most Loved – Photo Books

Photo books are a great way to share your memories and get back to them anytime you want, without having to go through boxes of individual photos. Photo books of family gatherings can be a great way to start conversations.

Include kids’ artwork and other memorabilia too! More details here.

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2. Printable Photo Dividers

If you have only a small amount of printed photos, these printed dividers might come in handy! Get the printable here.

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3. Photo Storage Ideas for Digital Photos

This is a lifesaver for anyone who goes overboard with digital archives. Keep your photos organized from the start and you will thank yourself years later.

More tips in this article.

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4. Photo Storage Ideas with Boxes

Great way to keep your photos safe and accessible.

More details here.

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5. Special Containers

Custom containers specially designed for storing photos, for those who prefer a more organized box solution.

Inspiration here.

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6. Photo Folders

Great not just for photos, but also for kids’ schoolwork, artwork, and much more. Get more details here.

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7. Photo Gallery

Turn some of your most loved photos into a beautiful photo gallery. Original inspiration here.

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8. Creative Boxes

Another option for box storage. These ones are super stylish and easy to navigate thanks to the labels. Original article here.

organizing photos

9. Organizing & Backup Tips

Super helpful article on how to organize your print and backup photos quickly and efficiently. Whole article here.

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10. Flash Drive Storage

A great option to backup your photos. Original article here.

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11. What to do with Old Photographs

Not sure what to do with all the old photos? See some tips in this article.

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12. Photo Boxes-Storage

A very organized approach to photo boxes. More details here.

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13. One Year to Organized Photos Project

Fancy a little challenge? Join the Year to Organized Photos project here.

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14. Folder Storage

Great for all kinds of storage, not just photos. Inspiration here.

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15. Protect your Old Photos

These are great for storing old negative films and precious photographs. More details here.

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16. Digitalize Old Photos

Preserve the memories by digitalizing old photos.

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17. Get Photos Off Your Phone

Something we always forget to do.

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18. Basic of Photo Curation

See how you can make your own curated photo selection. The link is below the picture.

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Photo Organization Challenge + Printables

Super pretty printables to help you with your project. The link under the image.

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Photo Dividers

Another version of dividers for those who prefer to use boxes. The link under the image.

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Family Photo Slideshow

Creative Ways to Store Organize Your Family Photos

Arrange your photos and videos into thematic slideshows to rewatch with your family and friends at get-togethers. Learn some tips and ideas on making your family photo slideshows here

Happy organizing! Let us know if you found any of these helpful or if you have any ideas of your own!

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