pom pom decor party ideas (30)

Summer is almost around the corner and that calls for one thing – celebration! Pinterest is bursting with party ideas and if there is one thing that will dominate this year, it’s certainly pom pom decor!

We didn’t stay behind and collected some of the hottest decoration ideas for your next party – be it a birthday, baby shower or a family celebration, pom poms add an element of fun and playfulness to any party. Best of all? They are easy to make at home or are affordable to buy as ready-made.

Which one of these would you try at your next party? Leave us a comment below!

1Pink Pom Pom Table Feature


If you want to make a statement on a birthday party using tone-in-tone colors, this is certainly the way to go! Pom pom decor in varying sizes mixed up with ribbons creates a dramatic effect and awesome backdrop for photos.

Simple to assemble at home and hang indoors or outdoors.

2Pom Pom Party Hats

Get some plain party hats and turn them into a cute party accessory using just a few tone-in-tone colored pom poms. Kids and adults will love these!

3Easy Pom Pom Garland

Make this easy and effective garland using just a few colors – makes a great background for party photos!

4Pom Pom Skirt

Even clothes are getting pom pom makeover! This one is very simple – just using a plain old skirt and a few pom poms – sew them on and you get a skirt that’s completely in tune with your party theme!

5Cake Garland

Even your cake can get a pom pom makeover! Simple decoration that looks great on any type of cake – just make sure you keep the candles at bay!

6Pom Pom Birthday Invites

This is a great idea for a summer party invite – you can follow these up using a simple garland with these pom pom ice cream cones.

7Cactus Pom Poms

Who else loves this cactus color theme?

Source: pinterest

8Vase Decor

Very Nordic approach to using pom poms for party – elegant and understated party decor which ads an element of fun to a few basic vases.

9Pom Pom Coasters

In case you are hosting a winter party at home, these coasters will be a fun addition to the party especially if you are serving hot cocoa or chocolate.

10Dramatic Pom Pom Backdrop

Make your cake the start of the show by adding a dramatic backdrop right behind it.

11Pom Pom Balloons

How adorable are these paper balloons? Super simple to make and kids will absolutely love them! You can tie these in with your invitation which could also feature balloons.

12Pom Pom Christmas Tree

Because pom poms are not just for summer parties!

13Pom Pom Forest

Perfect for woodland theme birthday party or baby shower!

14Pom Pom Party Gifts

Few basic bags can turn into a super cute gift bag thanks to colorful pom poms.

15Pom Pom Napkins

Fiesta comes to the tableware!

16Mixed Pom Pom Garland

Another take on the popular pom pom garland, this one is a mix of colors, shapes and textures!

17Pom Pom Alley

Not just for weddings – it will make a cute decoration for your house entrance or party entrance.

18Pom Pom Wreath

Not just for winter parties – this wreath makes the perfect first impression when guests are coming to your home for party.

19Pom Pom Rainbow

How adorable is this??? You can make one yourself or buy a ready-made one in stores.

20Pom Pom Cake Toppers

Tiny & cute, these little cake toppers tie in the whole theme of your party.

21Pom Pom Pots

Don’t forget about the small details like pot decor.

22Pom Pom Extravaganza

Create a fairy-tale like atmosphere at your party with pom poms, balls and tassels.

23Pom Pom Gift Wrap


Don’t forget to add a small touch of pom poms to the gift wrap for guests.

24Pom Pom Bees


Perfect for summer garden party and super easy to make.

25Eater Rabbits

Super cute rabbits made with paper and pom poms, great for party invitations too!

26Pom Pom Balloons

Customize simple plain balloons using pom poms – they will be the hit of the party!

27Winter Garland

Winter wonderland in your living room – made using strings and white pom poms. North Pole party anyone?

28Mega Garland

As big as they get – this garland makes an impressive centerpiece at your party.

29Easter Branches

For Easter party – these are a big hit on Pinterest!

30Pom Pom Cloud

Cute addition to a baby shower party. Change colors based on the baby’s gender.

31Pom Pom Letters

Another great tip for baby shower party – choose pom pom letters of the baby’s name.


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