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If you haven’t noticed yet, gender reveal cakes and gender reveal parties are a big hit right now. Forget about phoning your parents or friends to announce that you have a baby girl or a baby boy. Take it as an excuse to throw a party and show them all at once. Plus you get the chance to watch their reaction when they find out.

As with every party, it all starts with a cake. Not just any cake, but gender reveal cake. There are many ways you can reveal the gender of your baby at the party and cutting the cake is one of the most popular ones. For some other ideas, you can check our article here.

I did all the hard work for you and PINned my heart out to find some of the best picks for your party. Depending on your taste, and if you’re making it yourself or ordering at your local bakery, I’m sure you will find a great fit for your party among these almost 80 different cakes.

Traditional Gender Reveal Cakes

1Delicate Pink & Blue

Very delicate cake with lots of details, yet pretty simple – if you want a stylish gender reveal cake, this is the one to go for.

2Whale Cake

Neutral baby gender reveals cake with a small whale.

3Blue and Pink Twinkle Twinkle Cake

This is probably the most sophisticated take on the twinkle twinkle cake. Not to be tried at home, this is work for a professional.

4Ombre Gender Reveal Cake

Ombre is the way to go when doing any sort of party, so for your gender reveal, strongly consider this one:

5Split Pastel Tones

Split cake with pastel tones and cute little booties.

6Bundle of Joy

It says it all, doesn’t it?

7Touchdowns or Tutus Cake

Best of both worlds in this bright cheerful cake.

8Woodland Theme

Woodland theme baby showers are a hit right now, so why not do a gender reveal cake in the same style?

9Birds and Flowers

For those who prefer a bit more old-fashioned approach.

10Dummies and Color Dots

One more for the make at home edition.

11Tutus or Touchdowns

Another variation on tutus or touchdowns idea.

12He or She?

Sweet and simple.

13Baseball or Bows?


Similar to tutus or touchdowns, bright and simple ideas.

14Pinata Cake

Similar to the earlier one with a lot more color.

15Pink and Blue Rose Pattern

Swirly roses in perfect patters create a gorgeous cake.

16Prince or Princess

Pretty and clean cake, shame the writing isn’t in silver it would have looked a lot better.

Sparkly Gender Reveal Cakes

17Sparkling Topper – Boy or Girl?

Simple cake is taken to the next level with a simply sparkling cutout. Get it for a few bucks and make the cake at home, if you’re brave enough.

18Pearls All-Around

How pretty is this! Basic baby shower cake can be quickly turned into gender reveal cake if you only use one color inside.

19Mint with Sparkles

For a bit of frosty feel, this gender reveal cake would be perfect for winter season without much work.

20How I Wonder What You Are

I can’t get enough of these pretty sparkling cake toppers, pair them up with macaroons and fresh flowers and you have a winner!

21Simple & Sophisticated

Awww… simply too pretty to cut!

22Sparkly Stork Cupcakes

Another even more cute version of the Stock Cupcakes.

23Royal Themed

He or she will be treated like royalty, so why not choose the same for the gender reveal cake?

24Doe or Deer?


Original idea, finally!

25White & Gold

If you want to stay away from pink and blue, white and gold is a good way to go.

26Belle or Bean

Prettiest of them all, don’t you think?

27Blue & Pink Twinkle Cake

Twinkle twinkle cake with baby colors.

28Simple Ombre with Baby Topper

Ombre filling combined with cake topper.

29Full on Sprinkles with Topper

Cheerful cake that seems to be full of glitter!

Neutral Gender Reveal Cakes

30Prince or Princess – Simple Neutral Cake

Frills and crowns. If you don’t got overboard with the colors, a soft look like this is a definite winner.

31Twinkle Twinkle Neutral Cupcakes

You’ve seen the twinkle twinkle cake, but what about these cute cupcakes?

32What will it bee – neutral

Bee cakes are overused, but if you go with neutral colors you can make it work and look pretty same time.

33Black and Red Cake

If you’re bored with pink and blue, this one would go to the top of your to do list:

34Nesting Cake

Nesting just started – clean, sophisticated gender reveal cake.

35Bee Cupcakes

Back to the bee theme, this time with cupcakes.

36Cake with Cupcakes

Inspired by wedding cakes, this gender reveal cake is no less impressive!

37Bright Colors

Again, it might not be my choice, but if you prefer something really bright and cheerful this one is a great idea.


Simple, lovely colors and a great idea = beautiful gender reveal cake.

39What will it bee – yellow cake


The bee theme again, this time as a nice four tier cake.

40Twinkle Twinkle cake in blue and yellow


Softer version of twinkle twinkle gender reveal cake.

41It’s a…

Simple cake you can make easily at home.

42Footprint cupcakes

Cutest cupcakes to reveal the gender of your baby.

43Ombre Neutral Cake

Ombre seems to be the way to go if you’re revealing gender of your baby, keep the color inside only for even bigger impact.

44Half and half cake

Well we had tutus and touchdowns, guns and glitter and this would be sports and princesses?

45Ombre cake with bunting

Ombre again, this time paired with simple bunting.

46Pink and Blue Hearts

Another one from home edition, pretty easy to make at home with few cookie cutters and a bit of DIY.

47Neutral Yellow Cake


If neutral is the way to go, grey and yellow would work really well.

Modern Yet Simple Gender Reveal Cakes

48Oh Baby – Simple Floral Theme

Similar variation of a cake topper for gender reveal cake, add fresh flowers for a simple and elegant cake.

49Ombre Twinkle Twinkle Cake


The most stylish variation of twinkle twinkle cake – ombre stripes with gold cake topper.

50Pastel Hearts

Paint your heart out with this pastel cake to reveal the gender of your baby.

51Hello World Topper on Naked Cake

Another one with fresh flowers and silver cake topper, this time on naked cake, isn’t it beautiful?

52Baby Makes Three

This is originally a baby shower cake, but you can easily turn it into gender reveal cake – it’s a chocolate one so they won’t see the filling inside until it’s cut open.

53Neutral Shabby Chic Style

Perfect for shabby chic baby gender reveal party.

54Surprise Inside

Why be boring with full on colored filling when you can get even more creative, like in this case:

55He or She?

Beat the blue and pink stereotype with some black and red.

56Can’t wait to see!

So simple and yet so stylish!

57Baby Giraffe

Simple cake you can make at home with just few basic tools.

58Little lady – little man

Pretty cake for a little man or little lady.

59Pirate theme

Pretty original for a gender reveal cake, don’t you think?

60Pastel Tones


Very subtle decor on this sweet cake makes it perfect for a feminine party with your friends.

61With Sprinkles

Sprinkles and more sprinkles!

62Simple Chocolate Cake

Classic chocolate cake turned into gender reveal cake.

Unique Gender Reveal Cakes

63Onesie Cookies

Why cake when you can also make cookies? Aren’t these adorable?

64New Years Gender Reveal

Great for winter baby shower, this gender reveal cupcakes are in the New Year theme and fit right in with rest of the decor.

65Chocolate Cupcakes

Simple chocolate cupcakes you can make at home and use a filling according to the gender.

66Wedding Cake

Pretty impressive wedding cake that can be easily turned into a gender reveal cake – one thing you certainly don’t need is that many tiers, unless you’re inviting the whole town to your party.

67Stork Cupcakes

Another cute and simple alternative to a traditional cake.

68Bows & Arrows

Newest trend in baby shower parties and gender reveal parties.

69Cake Pops

Probably one of the most popular gender reveal ideas, simple pops with colored flavored stuffing inside. Pretty, insta-worthy and so cute!

70Gender Reveal Cookies

Easier and less labor intensive way to do your gender reveal, make simple cookies and each guest can find out for themselves what you are having:

71Paint Spill Cake

Now this may not be my favorite of the bunch, but if you want something truly original, why not?

72With Balls Inside

Turn this simple idea into a gender reveal cake, just choose one color to fill the inside!

73Star Wars Inspired

Any star wars fans around?

74Open to see


Little giraffe as inspiration for this cake.

75Mustache & Lips Pops

The newest take on the pops, cute or what?

76Guns or Glitter

If you want the dad to be involved in the cake design, he might like this one.

77Waddle it be?

A bit more original approach to gender reveal….

78Surprise inside

How to hide your surprise inside your cake.

79Superman or Ballerina

He or she is a superhero already.


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