baby shower cakes for girls

You already got great baby shower venue ideas. Now is time to get the sweetest inspiration for baby shower cakes for girls.

No matter where your baby shower is taking place, the cake is a valuable part of your party.

Impress everyone with a gorgeous baby shower cake dedicated to your little princess.

1Baby Shower Cake For Girls

In the traditional baby pink color, this cake is all you need for your baby shower. Sugar pacifier and rattle for a playful vision, and retro sugar carriage. Isn’t it sweet?

2Welcome Baby Girl

Elegant, simple, and stylish. Golden sugar pearls for contrast and sweet little ballerina pumps.

3Elegant Baby Shower Cake

A gorgeous cake for your stylish baby shower.

4Air Baloon Baby Cake

You are flying up in the sky from happiness and can’t wait to see your little princess. Cute jaw-dropping baby shower cake.

5Moon And Stars Cake

Golden elements for more glamour and glitz look of your baby shower party.

6Sweet Baby Girl Cake

baby shower cakes for girls

This cute baby shower cake is just perfect. Plain but somehow full with a playful, and joyful spirit.

7Crystal Sugar Fowers

Crystal sugar elegance. A graceful baby shower cake for your girl.

8Sweet Dreams Cake

Feel the magic of a sleeping baby- the most peaceful picture.

9Crystal Sugar Hearts

10Sweet Bunny Baby Shower Cake

Cute little bunny cake- all girls like soft bunnies.

11Cactus Baby Shower Cake

Bold, unexpected but beautiful baby shower cake for girls.

12Baby Shower Cake For Girls

A cake with lots of finesse. The beautiful snowflakes make it suitable for a winter baby shower.

13Winter Baby Shower Cake For Girls

Another winter party cake. This sweet polar bear even has a pink scarf. Such a cute cake!

14Cute Little Rabbit Cake

Mother bunny with little baby bunnies- perfect baby shower treats.

15Elephants Baby Shower Cake

Matching elephant cake and cupcakes for your baby shower. The elephant itself represents power, wisdom, memory, and vitality. Plus it is such a cute animal.

16Carriage Cake

Lovable cake with charmful tiny baby rompers.

17It Is A Girl Book Cake

The baby shower is a very important chapter of your baby diary. Mark it with a statement cake.

18Baby Girl Cake

This cake is absolutely girly and sweet.

19Sweet Little House

All the princess in the house! The ultimate baby shower won’t be the same without your besties.

20Welcome Little Angel

Celebrate the purest joy of being a mom and welcome your little angel with style.

21Heavenly Cake For Girls

Heavenly moments are meant to be with your baby girl.

22Unicorn Cake

The magical spirit and power of the unicorn is a perfect theme for a girl baby shower.

23Rainbow Baby Shower Cake

The colors of the rainbow represent all the feelings of the upcoming birth.

24Teddy Bear Cake

Sweet teddy bear cake for cutness.

25Lace Cake

Sophisticated lace cake for your distinguished baby shower.

26Baby Girl Cot

Discerning, elegant cake saying everything.

27Modern Baby Girl Cake

A modish combination of pink, white, and black. A cake that will be remembered.

28Welcome Baby Girl

Dancing sweet butterflies will be surrounding you through the most precious time of motherhood.

29Colorful Cake

Bright and beautiful colors and gorgeous ribbon on the top of the cake.

30Macarons Cake

baby shower cakes for girls

Give a french note to your baby shower with these heavenly light and delicious French macarons.

31Sweet Bears Cake

Adorable sweet bears give cute touch to this cake.

32Contrast Baby Shower Cake

Playful little flowers shining from this cake and make it so charming.

33Ballerina Cake

The grace of the ballerina- perfect choice for a baby shower cake for girls.

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