19 Beautiful and Stylish Baby Shower Hairstyles

Celebrate the precious gift of pregnancy, and welcome the new role of motherhood in your life gorgeous and stunning. Choose some of the most magnificent and stylish baby shower hairstyles.

A baby shower is one of the most exciting moments during pregnancy. You can arrange some great baby shower party accessories and make this event a memorable one.

Of course, planning it is not as easy as it might seem. Choosing the place, making a guest list, and not least what to wear to a baby shower, make-up, and how to style your hair.

Plus gift list, menu, cake, decoration, look… And the to-do list is so, so long. But, you shouldn’t be worried about all these things.

There are a lot of services which help you to organize everything easily: with a menu, you can get help from a local cafe or restaurant most of them have a catering service, with an outstanding fashion look you can get help from a personal designer consultancy and brand authenticity services; the professional event agency will solve the issue with perfect decorations.

As a mom-to-be, your main task is to be glowing and beautiful just like a goddess.

Here is why, take a better sleep the night before your baby shower, make stunning makeup, and dress in the perfect dress. Not least choose one of the most beautiful and stylish baby shower hairstyles.

It is not a secret that during pregnancy you are getting the magical pregnancy glow and softer look. Here is why, soft waves and curls, romantic braids, and gentle hairdos look so gorgeous on all moms-to-be.

We have been in your shoes, here is why we decided to select some great baby shower hairstyles trends only for you!

How to Pick the Right Baby Shower Hairstyle?

When it comes to special occasion hairstyles, one of the most essential things is to consider your outfit, place, and not least the weather conditions.

I am sure many of you remember Monica’s humidity “big hair” from the Friends TV series. In case your hair is more sensitive to weather conditions, it would be better to have an updo.

You will get a more mild and feminine look if you leave a few wavy strands to frame your face.

Of course, if you have long hair you have a few more options on how to style your hair for one of the most important events of the pregnancy.

Ladies who wear their hair in practical short hair can bet on trendy hair accessories, and make their look impressive and elegant.

Remember to have a more casual and leisure hairstyle suitable for the occasion. Some of the most impressive baby shower hairstyles include:

  • Short soft waves
  • Long fishtail braid
  • Full low ponytail
  • Ribbon Up-do
  • Soft curly style
  • Waterfall braid crown
  • Simple low chignon
  • Soft, lazy curls

Beautiful and Stylish BabyShower Hairstyles

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1. Twisted Half Braided Updo

Baby Shower Hairstyles

Such a lovely baby shower hairstyle. It gives you the look of a fairy with tiny braids, gentle flower twirls, and natural waves.

2. Soft Waves

Baby Shower Hairstyles

Give yourself a softer look with natural-looking wavey hairstyles.

3. Jumbo Bride

Baby Shower Hairstyles

One of the most preferable baby shower hairstyles. It is comfortable, and feminine, and you can add accessories for a more glam look.

4. Brided Halo

Baby Shower Hairstyles

Look like an angel- definitely must try the baby shower hairstyle.

5. Dutch Braided Halfdo

Baby Shower Hairstyles

Very popular and trendy baby shower hairstyle. Dutch braids in a combination of a half updo are making your hair thicker and give a waterfall effect.

6. Crystal Clips

Baby Shower Hairstyles

Make your cascade waves even more spectacular and gorgeous by adding a sparkling touch.

7. Exotic Flower Hallo

Baby Shower Hairstyles

Let your hair naturally and simply add a flower hallo. Ideal for outdoor, and boho baby showers.

8. Crown Braided Halfdo

Baby Shower Hairstyles

If you prefer to wear your hair down, but still want to impress with a stylish hairstyle.

9. Birded Half Knot

Baby Shower Hairstyles

This is one of the baby shower hairstyles on to go. When you have been totally surprised by your baby shower party and you need to come up with a good-looking hairstyle ready for a minute.

10. Soft Waves With Jewelry

Baby Shower Hairstyles

Soft curls make you look more feminine and charming. With the right hair accessory, you will get a vision of a real princess.

11. Mild Natural Waves

Baby Shower Hairstyles

When you are looking for a completely natural look, this hairstyle is all you need. Beautiful long hair with natural waves for more volume. Of course, you are free to play with some extra details, like clips, bobby pins, or bandanas.

12. High Volume Updo

Baby Shower Hairstyles

If you have thinner hair, you are perfect for this baby shower hairstyle. A little more volume on the top, and an elegant updo for more comfort and style.

13. Beautiful Messy Low Bun

Beautiful and Stylish Baby Shower Hairstyles 13 1

Simple and sophisticated, a beautiful messy hairdo with the right accessories and makeup.

14. Graceful Low Curls

Beautiful and Stylish Baby Shower Hairstyles 15 2

Less is a more, gorgeous hairstyle for any occasion.

15. Prety Side Twirls

Baby Shower Hairstyles

Charming, always good-looking, and suitable for different occasions.

A low twisted hairdo makes you look appealing and lovable.

16. Braided Low Ponytail

Baby Shower Hairstyles

Style the random ponytail in a gorgeous way, adding some braids, and twists.

17. One Side Flipped With Jewelry

Baby Shower Hairstyles

A very romantic and pretty easy hairdo. Just make soft waves, and flip your fringe to one side.

Finish with a sophisticated piece of hair accessory.

18. Fishtail Braids With Ribbon

Baby Shower Hairstyles

Exactly like a Disney princess- fishtails ended with a romantic ribbon.

A baby shower hairstyle that is so simple at first sight, but makes a wow effect.

19. Elegant Low Chignon

Baby Shower Hairstyles

Simple, but even stunning hairstyle. The front bangs are elegantly swept to the sides, twisted to a gentle chignon.

Finish this stylish baby shower hairstyle with a piece of dignified hair jewelry.

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