claw clip hairstyles

In the world of hairstyle, the buzz is all around two words – claw clips!

This staple of your former elementary school is making a big comeback this year and celebrities are leading the way. The 90s revival is back in full force and it would be a shame to miss it – especially if it involves one of your all time favorite hair accessories.

If you want to give it a go, and try to avoid looking like you just took the time machine to the 90s, there are plenty of modern hairstyles for any hair length that work perfectly with claw clips.

There is also an abundance of gorgeous and innovative claw clip designs – something that was a bit of luxury back in the 90s.

Get a few ones for the weekend and experiment with what looks the best. Without further delay, here is our roundup of claw clips hairstyle inspiration from Pinterest – you can find plenty more on our board Pinterest.

20+ Best Claw Clip Hairstyles

Pick your favorite and let us know in comments!!!

1Long Simple Hairstyle

2Simple Bun

3Classic Bun with Clip

4Half Open Bun

5Messy Up-Do

6Elegant Claw Clips

7Messy Small Claw Style

8Twisted Ponytail

9Statement Claw Clip

10Pearl Claw Clips

11Semi Open UpDo

12Small Claw Clips

13Short Hair Style

14Double Clip

15Twisted Low Ponytail

16Elegant UpDo Clip

17Double Bun Style

18Mini Clips

19Butterfly Claw Clips

20Claw Clips as Accessory

21High Up Do


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