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Let’s face it moms. There’s just not enough time in the morning to get the kids ready for school, prepare breakfast, pack lunch bags, get ready for work and even do anything with our hair aside from the quick ponytail.

Working mom hairstyles are limited to cutting your hair short or being satisfied with a ponytail. It’s not that you don’t want to look good. You just don’t have enough time to spend on your hair.

Some moms just opt to perm their hair or getting it straightened permanently to save themselves the trouble of fixing it.

What you need to learn are a few quick and easy “working mom” hairstyles that you can switch every other day to keep your look fresh.

Check out what we have compiled for you.

1Casual Half Up

If you have the natural wavy hair, this ‘do would be perfect for you. If you have naturally straight hair, you might have to spend a few more minutes to curl your hair with an iron.

This is a very basic look and, taking your hair into consideration, may only take five minutes or so.


2Blair Waldorf Ponytail

Have you heard of the TV show Gossip Girl? Leighton Meester had her hair tied up like this in one of the episodes. It looks intricate, but this is probably one of the easiest yet unique working mom hairstyles on this post. Watch the video to achieve the look.


32-Minute Low Braid Bun

I don’t think I need to explain further why this is one of the most effective working mom hairstyles, right? I mean, it already said it’s a 2-minute job! Not only that, you achieve a trendy messy bun look every woman hopes to pull off.

4Easy Chignon

Twist here and there. Tie a low ponytail. Tuck and bobby pin in the right places. Voila! You’ve achieved the easy chignon look! This is definitely one of the most elegant working mom hairstyles!

5Fancy Half UpĀ 

This is probably one of my favorites. It’s super quick and easy, and you can turn it into a totally different hairstyle by doing a few more twists. The next entry will show you what you can turn this into.

You see by continuing with the same process for the fancy half up a bun fit for a wedding is achieved. But, who says it’s only for a wedding? Turn this into one of your go to working mom hairstyles!

6Twisted Top Knot

This look is very natural looking. It doesn’t look like you rushed it and you can wear it to work or even when you’re going out. Also, it doesn’t take that much effort to pull off. Just get the right products and maybe few practice runs.

7Easier-Than-It-Looks Updo

I know. This looks like you need a professional to help you. You can do this yourself! It may not look exactly like that in the photo, but after a few times of practice, the look is very doable.

Here’s a video to make the process a lot easier to digest. :)


8Textured Twist

For some reason, no matter how messy the updo is, it still looks great. Is there a status quo that says the messier the bun the better? Either way, this bun look exceptionally hard to do. But, if Cosmopolitan says this is perfect for lazy girls (moms are not lazy but like lazy girls, we don’t have that much time), then we better believe it!

Get the full tutorial here.

9Three 5-Minute Curls

I cannot fully express how envious I am of these curls. I have naturally straight hair which does not curl at all. I’ve tried wearing curlers overnight and was happy with the result, but I lost the curls after an hour. So, this is definitely not for me.

But, if you have a really good curling iron and obedient hair, then this would be a topper on you working mom hairstyles list.

10Short Hair Pompadour

And, for moms who just opted for shorter hair, this is how you add a little bit of twist to take up your short hair up a notch. Tease your hair to create a pompadour look after adding soft curls. Another one from the experts at Cosmopolitan.

So, there you have it – 10 quick and easy working mom hairstyles to try.

If by any miracle you get some free time, try practicing some of these hairstyles. This will help you find out which works easiest and looks best for you. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first few times. After some practices, you’ll be able to do your hair with your eyes closed.

Until then, you can look super chic with this 5-minute ponytail.

Any thoughts on this post? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below!


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