21+ Easy Hairstyles to Try When You are Growing Out Hair

Often changing your hairstyle could be a bad decision. If one of your new year’s resolutions was to try a fancy short pixie and now you regret it badly, scroll down to see some of the easiest hairstyles to try when you are growing out hair.

Besides bad hairstyle ideas, sometimes slowing down hair growth can have a variety of causes, including poor nutrition, lack of certain minerals, long-term tension or stress, and hormonal changes.

Although you can’t always control all the factors that make your hair grow slower, you can focus on those factors that you can influence.

It is important not only for your hair but also for your overall health to create favorable conditions in your body.

Providing all nutrients, and minerals to your body, you will regenerate hair follicles and improve the growth of healthy, and shiny hair.

But how to fix your bard hair a month after a wrong hairstyle or a hair dye before your next visit to your hairstyles?

We found some easy ways to try! No, wearing a hat doesn’t solve your problem.

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How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

You can accelerate the growth of your hair with massages on your scalp, using the right hair products according to your hair type and scalp. Make hair masks twice a week especially if you dye your hair and treat it with stronger stylizing products.

If you want to make your hair grow faster, you need more proteins. Include more eggs, fish, and meat meals in your diet. There are also special vitamins that boost your skin, nails, and hair. This is a great way to provide your organism with the right amount of vitamins, and minerals especially during the winter, and changing seasons.

  • Regular thorough hygiene– It is not necessary to wash your hair every day, because frequent washing can completely remove the oil from the hair, which can irritate your scalp and damage your hair. It is important for hair hygiene to thoroughly clean, wash and dry the scalp and hair. The healthiest thing is to let your hair dry naturally, without heat, and gently comb it with a soft hair brush.
  • Oils and scalp massage– help your hair grow healthier and shinier with natural oils. Just heat the massage oil, massage the scalp, leave it on for a few minutes e and you will see the results – your hair will be thicker and softer. Jojoba oil, coconut, olive oils are wonderful options for any hair type.
  • Cut your hair every 6-8 weeks– you read it correctly! If you want your hair to grow, you have to cut it. This is how you remove the damaged and dead ends of your hair. In fact, this is the basic rule if you really want to support your hair growth.
  • Do not treat your hair too often– try to reduce or limit the use of hot air dryers and hair curlings and straighteners. Frequent exposure of the hair and scalp to strong heat can lead to brittleness and fragility of the hair and over time to hair loss.
  • Healthy lifestyle– a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle are preferable for your entire well-being. Give your body and mind enough sleep, exercise regularly, and minimize stress in your daily routine. Reduce alcohol and smoking this is how your body can function optimally and ensure the proper functioning.
  • Keep the stress away – Stress can cause a variety of physical symptoms such as nausea, insomnia, excessive sweating, and even hair loss. In case of stress or long-term anxiety, there are cases of entire hair loss and change of the hair color to grey or white.

Easy Hairstyles to Try When You are Growing Out Hair

1. Chin- Lenght Bob

Long enough to style it in many ways, but same time easy to maintain.

hairstyles when growing out hair

2. Wavy Lobs

Everything you want as a hairstyle- a wavy lob. Just like a pair of jeans- never go out of style and you can combine them with everything.

hairstyles when growing out hair
source: @alchemyxartistry

3. Blonds with Dark Roots

Dirty blond or blond with dark roots gives you a break when you have doubts about whether you are blonde or brunette.

hairstyles when growing out hair

4. Golden Highlights

Kissed from the sun!

hairstyles when growing out hair

5. Gray Shades

When you grow out your bang, twisted hairstyles are ideal for you.

hairstyles when growing out hair

6. Half Updo

If you think your A-lane bob can be styled in an elegant hairstyle, check this perfect half updo with gentle waves.

hairstyles when growing out hair

7. Mid- Lenght Hairstyle

Lobs or long bobs are preferable hairstyles that are easy to maintain, and you can experiment with some more layers for extra volume.

hairstyles when growing out hair

8. Perfect Bob

When you want to grow long straight hair, this perfect bob gives the ideal start.

hairstyles when growing out hair

9. Caramel Macchiato

Light caramel thin layers bring the sunlight to your hairstyle.

hairstyles when growing out hair
source: @live_love_dohair

10. Light Brown Highlights

If you are planning to get lighter hues, but not sure if blonde is your hair tone, try with some light brown highlights first.

hairstyles when growing out hair
source: @richiemiao

11. Dark Chocolate Hues

When you want to get darker hair color, make some dark chocolate highlights and you will get mild darker hair tones.

hairstyles when growing out hair
source: @hairbymickk

12. Pixie Bob

Short hair, don’t care! With this pixie bob, you can experiment with some accessories hairstyle trends.

hairstyles when growing out hair

13. Edggy Chopped Bob

Chopped layers give more volume to your hairstyle, and make it suitable for different stylings even when it is not that long.

hairstyles when growing out hair
source: @sagebrush_inspiredbeauty

14. Long Front Bob Hairstyle

The golden place of not that short, but long enough to make a variety of hairstyles.

hairstyles when growing out hair
source: @soraverly

15. Angled Bob

This hairstyle makes your hair looks thicker, and longer in front.

hairstyles when growing out hair

16. Textured Layers

Make your fine hair looks mass with a natural volume using textured layers.

hairstyles when growing out hair
source: @chrisjones_hair

17. Straight Layered Hairstyle

Perfect hairstyle for medium hair. Make you look chic and up to style.

hairstyles when growing out hair
source: @hair_salon_by_hadis

18. Caramel Highlights

Soft caramel touches give more light and extra volume to your hair. A wonderful decision if you planning to go brunette after blonde hues.

hairstyles when growing out hair

19. Asymmetrical Cut

An asymmetrical cut hairstyle flatters all face shapes, making your hair look thicker and heavier.

hairstyles when growing out hair
source: @hairbykimtran

20. Long Bob

Classic long bob with layers is the next step after a playful pixie.

hairstyles when growing out hair

21. Cute Short Bob

Parted short bob is a super easy hairstyle that looks good on any face shape.

hairstyles when growing out hair
source: @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

22. Short Bob with a Bang

French and super feminine hairstyle to try when you grow out your hair.

hairstyles when growing out hair

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