Looking To Do a Home Makeover? Start With the Floors!

Makeovers typically tackle the foundation before anything else, and home remodels are no different. One has to get down and dirty with the groundwork before skipping to the good part when doing home renovations.

Rewiring, landscaping, flooring refurbishes are the basics of extensive home re-dos. So, whether you’re looking to trade your property or simply trying to shake a few things up in your home, new floors will bring a fresh feel while equivalently improving your home’s value.

But why start with the bases when you can get the ceiling and cabinetry done first?

Flooring sets the tone for your home remodels; your wall color, cabinetry, and furniture selection, among many other factors, will be navigated by the type of flooring you choose. Ideally, redoing your floors first lays the groundwork before bringing out the big guns.

Looking To Do a Home Makeover Start With the Floors 1

How to Choose Flooring for your Home Remodels

Homeowners that have found themselves in the throes of property makeovers will tell you one thing- have a plan!

Remodeling can get chaotic, especially when DIYing the entire project yourself; granted, planning out your moves and having an elaborate to-do list will save you a lot of time and money.

Impulsive and uninformed decisions are the number one deterrent to successful home re-dos.

That said, we’ve taken the time to put together four popular home flooring solutions and their reputable features to help you make the right call when remodeling your floors.

Laminate Flooring

What’s not to love about laminate floors?

Laminate floors are strikingly similar to hardwood floors sans the environmental deterioration- to be honest, one can hardly tell the difference. Laminate flooring is engineered to look like wood and comes in a range of colors and textures guaranteed to blend into any home.

Another upside of laminate floors is that they’re relatively economical and very easy to install; this way, you get to give your home a facelift and save an extra buck.

If DIYs aren’t your thing, don’t stress; you can always contact the seller or visit their site for professional installation assistance.

Did we forget to mention how effortless and undemanding laminate flooring maintenance is?

Hardwood Flooring

Wood floors are a classic. Hardwood floors have been a mass choice for decades; their natural warmth, luminosity, and beauty are one to marvel at.

Each plank of wood comes with a unique grain pattern and different species to choose from, which means you’ll be looking at a variety of colors and textures.

For homeowners looking for elegance, versatility, and durability wrapped in one, hardwood flooring will no doubt come as a no-brainer. However, the con with hardwood flooring is its non-resistant trait to moisture and demanding maintenance.

Hardwood floors are likely to get damaged in humid climates and areas common to spills like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, so we strongly recommend installing them in the living room or bedroom.

Additionally, hardwood floors require occasional polishing, treatment, and constant wariness for scratches to maintain their shine and appeal.


One thing about carpet flooring- it will always bring a homey feel wherever it’s installed.

Floor carpeting is a traditional flooring solution that homeowners are yet to let go of.

The warmth, softness, color variety, and forgiving nature of carpet flooring are hard to overlook. For homes situated in cold climatic regions, carpet flooring is a plus! Unlike wood or ceramic floors, carpets are scratch-resistant.

The soft texture and thickness of carpet flooring make it the perfect choice for a household with children and fragile home pieces, say glass tables and vases. The slight disadvantage of carpet flooring is its proneness to discoloration and moisture damage that can translate into a mold.

Floor carpets are also more likely to harbor dirt and debris, but it’s nothing a little vacuuming and dry cleaning can’t handle.

Tiles and Vinyl

Tiles are the all-around flooring choice for home remodels. Tiling solutions are affordable, versatile, and easy to maintain.

Tiles come in a range of porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, and stoneware that are dynamic enough to blend into any setting- the garage, bathroom, kitchens, living rooms, you name it.

Tiles are also available in a wide color and pattern selection, they are also pocket-friendly and easy to maintain.

On the other hand, vinyl is a solid and affordable laminate flooring substitute. Vinyl flooring is engineered in various styles that can perfectly complement any space.

Vinyl floors are typically built to withstand rough handling, making them perfect for a household with high traffic; they are also spill-proof and easy to clean.

Final Takeaway

Can you imagine walking into your local building supply store and picking out flooring that appealed to you in the spur of the moment only to find out that it isn’t working well with your household?

Such a waste! Shopping for floors is critical; this is the surface of your home that will endure the most traffic, spills, and wear.

Going for an aesthetically pleasing choice will always bring satisfaction; however, an informed decision will always win in the long run. Make a point of exploring all flooring solutions at your disposal and evaluating them against your household- kids, pets, style, comfort, and climate are but some of the factors that’ll take a front seat when it comes down to it.

With all those, i’s dotted, and t’s crossed, choosing floors for your home should be a breeze. Happy shopping!

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