How to Get Natural Looking Hair with Hair Extensions

If you usually wear hair extensions, you know they are one of your best-kept secrets. As such, you want to make sure they look as natural as possible. The right set of wefts will enhance your look by blending beautifully with your hair and matching your natural shade, so much so that no one will be able to tell if you’re wearing extensions.

But there are certain factors to consider for your extensions to look natural and be undetectable. Here’re some tips to get natural-looking locks with most types of extensions.

Visit A Stylist To Put In Your Extensions

While you may be tempted to do it yourself, applying hair extensions requires some practice and experience. Clip hair extensions are easy to apply and remove, so you can install them at home if you already have experience with them.

But when it comes to tape extensions, we recommend you visit your stylist to have them installed. Tape-in wefts have to be applied exceptionally carefully. They require specific techniques to install without damaging your natural hair and to give them a natural-looking blend. Your stylist will install the wefts in a way that adds natural movements and structure.

Cut Or Trim The Wefts

Each individual has their own unique haircut. As a result, hair extensions can’t be expected to blend seamlessly with every style right out of the package. The good news is that hairstylists can find their way around this challenge. They will use their experience to cut and trim the wefts in a manner that allows them to blend perfectly into your own hair.

For Clip-In Extensions: Backcomb Your Hair Before Installing the Wefts

High-quality clip-in hair extensions like Zala hair extensions can be applied within minutes. But, to give your hair a natural look, be sure to first backcomb your hair and then clip on the extensions. For each section of your hair where you want to apply the clip-ins, do this by combing your hair from the ends towards the roots – opposite of the direction you’d normally comb it.

Make sure to use a wide-toothed comb and backcomb each section multiple times. By doing so, you’ll create a suitable foundation for the clips to hold onto your natural hair. Putting hair extensions in droopy hair will make your hair look unnatural. It can also be uncomfortable for you.

Brush Your Hair After Installing Hair Extensions

Many women struggle when it comes to blending their own hair and the wefts together. Remember that your goal is to achieve an outcome that’s as natural as possible. No matter if you’re wearing 100% Remy human hair extensions, you still have to use certain methods to blend them with your natural hair.

One of the best ways to achieve a natural appearance is to brush the extensions and your natural hair together. After the wefts are installed, start brushing from the hair’s ends towards the root and style your hair as you wish. Make sure to use a loop brush for the best results.

Position the Extensions At An Angle

If your extensions are not blending correctly in the front area, applying them at an angle can help. Placing the wefts at an angle will help give your hair a natural, feathered, and silky look. It will also help add more structure and length to your hair.

Get the Right Color Match

Generally, you can choose wefts with two or three shades darker or lighter than your own hair color and still get natural-looking hair. But if your hair has a unique color and you’re buying wefts online, make sure to get a color match. Also, be sure to match the shade with the color of your hair’s ends, not the roots. Choose the color carefully because a mismatch will be a dead giveaway that you have extensions.

For Updo Hairstyles: Apply the Extensions Upside Down

Many women choose hair extensions for updo hairstyles. Human hair wefts are versatile and can be used for ponytails, buns, braids, and more. For women who want to add more volume and structure to their updos, it’s a good idea to place the wefts in upside-down. Doing so will make your hair look natural and allow the extensions sit securely in place. It will also keep you comfortable while wearing the wefts.

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