How To Fix A Baby Swing That Doesn’t Swing

What will you do if your baby swing suddenly stopped swinging? It may not be a matter of concern if the parents have the warranty card. But what if you have passed the allocated time duration? If you are facing these difficulties, this article is only for you. In this article, I am going to discuss how to fix a baby swing that doesn’t swing.

Though baby swing is one of the most necessary items for parents who have infants at home, most of the baby swings work perfectly for just a few months. Then there have been seen various problems. Among them, issues with the swinging mechanism are the most common ones. If the parents know the common reasons for the swinging problem and some basic steps to seek out the problem, it would be convenient. Most importantly, it will save you money as well!

Therefore, in this article, I will discuss how to fix a baby swing that doesn’t swing in the most comprehensive way. If you don’t want to miss any information, stay tuned with me. If you need any additional information regarding babies, you can visit the blog page Baby n Fun for more information.

What Is A Baby Swing?

A baby swing is a well-padded chair that is attached to a sturdy frame. Usually, most of the baby swing keeps swinging side to side while others swing back to forth. Some modern baby swing features both types of swinging. A baby swing creates a motion while swinging that is similar to the womb’s rocking motion. Generally, the baby swings are perfect for babies aged from newborn to 9 months old.

Benefits Of A Baby Swing

  • A baby swing is a game-changer for the parents. They can do their task or even can have a relaxing time while keeping the baby safely in the baby swing
  • A baby swing reduces the arm pain of the parents
  • Entertains the baby 
  • Baby swing helps the baby to sleep longer time

How To Fix A Baby Swing That Doesn’t Swing?

A baby swing fascinates the babies in various ways. They feature various music, vibration, lights, and most importantly, swinging. But most of the time, parents raise the complaint that the swing doesn’t work. Here are the possible reasons for the problem:

Problem 1: Alignment:

If the parents set the baby swing incorrectly or unbalanced, then the baby swing can stop swinging. In this aspect, you have to re-align the whole baby swing to fix the problem.


  • Attach the four legs with the frame 
  • Tightly pin the holes of the legs and the frame with screws 
  • Put the rubber cover in the bottom of the legs to prevent further displacement
  • Make sure the legs are perfectly aligned on the floor. 

Problem 2: Battery issue

Since the maximum baby swing operates through the battery, make sure the batteries are fine and empowered if the baby swing suddenly stops working. If the battery has a problem, replace them.


How to change the battery in the baby swing:

  • place the swing battery section on a swing housing
  • detach the screws in the battery partition door with a screwdriver
  • Take out the battery compartment door
  • Insert four “C” (LR14) alkaline batteries into the battery section 
  • Place the battery partition door
  • Tighten them with the screws with a screwdriver
  • Check if the swing works now

Problem 3: Motor problems: 

Motor problem is one of the most common reasons for a baby swing that has abruptly stopped swinging. 


Required Instruments/ tools: 

To solve the problem, you will need only a few things in hand:

  • An automatic air freshener dispenser that will be working for the replacement of the old motor
  • Screwdriver
  • Soldering Gun
  • Electrical tape


Take Out the Air Freshener’s Motor:

· Using the screwdriver, take out the screws under the upper cover in order to expose the inner-electronics

· Inside one will find other gears that are secured with screws. Loosen those screws as well.

  • Remove the gears and it will expose the appearance of the motor
  • Take off the motor by loosening it and cutting off the plastic clip 

Take the Baby Swing Apart

  • By unlocking the screws, separate the baby swing from the machine part to work unimpeded.
  • One may need to take off the screws from the various parts of the baby swing depending on the swing model and brand in order to get the motor 

Replace the Motor

  • Using a soldering gun, detach the capacitor, diode, and wires from the old motor
  • Using a soldering gun, detach the capacitor, diode, and wires from the old motor
  • Using a soldering gun, detach the capacitor, diode, and wires from the old motor

Set the things as before

Reversely follow the steps that you did. 

  • Attach the baby swing and other parts 
  • Secure the gear and other inner parts that were being detached with screws
  • Tightly secure the screws of the upper part of the swing

Reversely follow the steps that you did. 

  • Attach the baby swing and other parts 
  • Secure the gear and other inner parts that were being detached with screws
  • Tightly secure the screws of the upper part of the swing

Check the Swing

This is the most important part of the setting. Make sure the motor and the baby swing are working before placing the baby in the swing. If the swing isn’t still working, you have to go to the manufacturer.

Additional tips:

  • Keep a bird’s eye on the baby while the baby is on the swing
  • Don’t place the baby swing on the table or any couch. A little displacement of the legs of the baby swing can bring a nightmare to your life. Keep the swing always on the floor
  • Always use the safety harness to secure the baby to prevent an accident


Why does the Graco baby swing keep stopping?

There are several reasons for that the Graco baby swing keeps stopping. For instance, if the baby swing becomes unstable, the shut-off’s electronic safety will stop the motor to prevent any accident. It would also be beneficial to check the speed setting after few days. With the growing body and weight of the baby, a higher speed setting of the baby swing is required to operate.

How to slow down the swinging in a baby swing?

If the swinging speed is too quick for the baby to carry on, the parents can slow down the speed by changing the speed setting if the baby swing provides the facility to do that. But most of the time, the swinging speed depends on the baby’s weight. If the baby is too lightweight to create a balanced swing, in this regard, the parents have to wait until the baby gains that desired weight to consume the swinging perfectly.

When should a baby stop using a baby swing?

The baby swings have weight and height limits that are usually mentioned in the guidance manual. Most baby swings have a weight limit of around 25 to 30 pounds, with a height limit around 25-28″ tall. When the baby exceeds that weight and height limit, the parents should stop using the baby swing. Usually, this time duration is 9 months. 

Final Verdict:

There is no doubt; a baby swing is a life-saver for the parents. They can do their task while keeping the bay into the baby swing. The babies are also fond of the swinging speed, music, or other sound facilities, provided by the baby swing. Since these baby swings are electrically empowered, they will not work for more than a year. If the parents know the basic causes for which the baby swing gets stopped swinging, they can solve the problem on their own. The processes are neither difficult nor costly.

But the parents have to remember that they should not leave their babies unnoticed in the swing. It can cause severe accidents including brain damage to the baby. Moreover, the baby should stop using the baby swing once the baby can sit unaided to prevent a further accident. We tried to provide detailed instructions on how to fix the swinging problem with some basic safety tips. We hope you have found the article helpful.

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