ghost makeup

With just a few days left until Halloween, here is some last minute inspiration if you decided to go for a ghost makeup this year!

One of the easier ones to pull off if you keep it simple – below we picked out the best makeup inspiration from Pinterest, ranging from beauty queen pretty to movie set artwork fit for a horror movie.

No matter what your makeup skills are, there is plenty to choose from with some extra ideas to complete the hair and outfit.

Get your kit ready and start practicing!

1Beautiful Ghost Bride

source: Pinterest

2Scary Ghost

3Fashion Ghost

4Dramatic Ghost

5Pure White

source: Pinterest

6Zombie Ghost

source: Pinterest

7Winter Ghost

source: Pinterest

8Eyes in Focus

9Extreme Ghost

10Complete Look

11Gothic Ghost

12Warrior Ghost

13DIY Ghost Makeup

14Victorian Ghost Makeup

15Ghost with Blood

source: Pinterest

16Beauty Queen Ghost Makeup

17Half and Half Ghost Makeup

18Black & Red Ghost Makeup

source –

19Black Lips

20Skull Inspired

21Victorian Makeup with Purple Lips

source: Pinterest

22Pretty Ghost Makeup

source: Pinterest

23Pretty Half Ghost Makeup

24Pretty Natural Ghost

25All White

26Halloween Ghost Makeup

27Pretty Halloween Ghost

28Gray Eyes Halloween Ghost

29Ghost with Sparkle

30Silver All Around

31Celebrity Style

32Movie Quality Makeup

source: Pinterest

33Historic Halloween Ghost Makeup

34Touch of Gold

35Scary Ghost Makeup

36An Original Ghost Makeup


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