30+ Pretty Ghost Makeup Ideas

Whether you’re planning the ultimate fright night party for Halloween, or need some cool makeup for a themed party, ghost makeup is actually pretty easy to pull off even with minimum skills!

One of the easier ones to pull off if you keep it simple – below we picked out the best makeup inspiration from Pinterest, ranging from beauty queen pretty to movie set artwork fit for a horror movie.

No matter what your makeup skills are, there is plenty to choose from with some extra ideas to complete the hair and outfit.

You can make ghost makeup with simple preparations. All you need is a rich set of black and white eye shadows or eyeliners. It would be better to apply foundation under a mask, which will ensure that the makeup will last a long time. You can also use special face paints that have expressive and rich shades.

In combination with red lipstick or gray shades, you can come up with a really scary look. For example, with a white face with red streaks of blood running from the eyes, you will get a horrible look. However, an all-white face can have a very scary effect that you can complement with a black or pure white wig, for example. You can choose colored or black contact lenses. Strange-looking eyes will give your ghost makeup an additional freezing look.

Get your kit ready and start practicing!

Beautiful Ghost Bride

beautiful ghost makeup
source: Pinterest

Scary Ghost

ghost makeup

Fashion Ghost

ghost makeup 1

Dramatic Ghost

ghost makeup 2

Pure White

ghost makeup 3
source: Pinterest

Zombie Ghost

ghost makeup 4
source: Pinterest

Winter Ghost

ghost makeup 5
source: Pinterest

Eyes in Focus

ghost makeup 6

Extreme Ghost

ghost makeup 7

Complete Look

ghost makeup 8

Gothic Ghost

ghost makeup 9

Warrior Ghost

ghost makeup 10

DIY Ghost Makeup

ghost makeup 11

Victorian Ghost Makeup

ghost makeup 13

Ghost with Blood

ghost makeup 14
source: Pinterest

Beauty Queen Ghost Makeup

ghost makeup 15

Half and Half Ghost Makeup

ghost makeup 16

Black & Red Ghost Makeup

ghost makeup 17
source – makeupdesign.club

Black Lips

ghost makeup 18

Skull Inspired

ghost makeup 19

Victorian Makeup with Purple Lips

ghost makeup 20
source: Pinterest

Pretty Ghost Makeup

ghost makeup 21
source: Pinterest

Pretty Half Ghost Makeup

ghost makeup 22

Pretty Natural Ghost

ghost makeup 23

All White

ghost makeup 24

Halloween Ghost Makeup

ghost makeup 25

Pretty Halloween Ghost

ghost makeup 26

Gray Eyes Halloween Ghost

ghost makeup 27

Ghost with Sparkle

ghost makeup 28

Silver All Around

ghost makeup 30

Celebrity Style

ghost makeup 31

Movie Quality Makeup

ghost makeup 32
source: Pinterest

Historic Halloween Ghost Makeup

ghost makeup 33

Touch of Gold

ghost makeup 34

Scary Ghost Makeup

ghost makeup 35

An Original Ghost Makeup

ghost makeup 36

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