What to Look For in a Baby Shower Venue

What to Look For in a Baby Shower Venue

Your BFF is about to have a baby and you want to help her celebrate this huge moment in her life. But just like planning any other type of party, organizing a baby shower can be a stressful and demanding job.

From the guest list to the decor, the food to the gifts, there’s plenty you need to think about to ensure the mom-to-be has a wonderful day. But of all the important decisions you’ll make in the planning process, perhaps the most important is choosing the baby shower venue.

Keep reading for some simple tips on how to compare baby shower venues and find one that’s right for you.

Consult the Guest of Honor

It’s an obvious place to start, but make sure you consult the mom-to-be about how she wants her baby shower to go. Is she looking for a light-hearted and laid-back brunch, or something a little more formal like a sit-down dinner? Will there just be finger food or a three-course feast?

Next, consider who will be on the guest list and what sort of experience she wants everyone to enjoy. She may even want you to hit a particular theme or style, so take the time to find out exactly what she wants before you go any further.

Atmosphere and Ambience

Every venue has its own unique feel. From the location to the decor, the architecture to the lighting, there are lots of factors that contribute to the atmosphere of a space.

So before you make a booking, visit the space in person to find out whether it has the right vibe for your baby shower. Is this the sort of place where you can envisage yourselves enjoying the celebration the mom-to-be wants?

You can help create the perfect ambiance with little touches like flowers, decorations, and even music. But if a venue just doesn’t feel quite right, move along to the next candidate.

Location, Location, Location

You don’t want to be asking your heavily pregnant friend to embark on an epic odyssey just to get to the baby shower venue. You don’t want to ask the same of everyone else on the guest list either, so look for a venue in a central and convenient location.

Something easily accessible by car and public transport is a must, so this should help you narrow down your choice of venues to a smaller area. And if some of the guests will be flying in from out of town, look for a party space within reach of the airport and with decent accommodation options nearby.

Size and Layout

Now it’s time to consider some of the practical features of the space itself. The first item on your checklist will be making sure the baby shower venue has sufficient capacity for all your invitees, but that still helps to create the intimate and welcoming atmosphere of your event.

But you’ll also need to consider the layout of the room. For example, are the seating arrangements set in stone, or can you mix up the layout to encourage guests to mingle as much as possible? It all comes down to what the mom-to-be wants and how willing the venue staff is to work with and tailor the space to suit your needs.


You’ve already decided how you want the space to feel, but now it’s time to focus on exactly how you want it to look. Some beautiful venues will have your style nailed straight away, with everything from their lighting to the table centerpieces already perfectly suited to your needs.

But some other venues are a little more like a blank canvas waiting for you to provide the finishing touches. That’s why you need to liaise with venue staff to find out how much scope

there is to decorate the space, as even a few simple floral touches and baby-themed extras can make a huge difference.


By now, you should hopefully have a shortlist of a few potential baby shower venues. To whittle them down to the best available option, you’ll need to run a careful eye over each space to find out what essential facilities it offers.

Some of the things you’ll need to consider include:

  • How much on-site parking is available
  • Whether the venue will be easily accessible to everyone on the guest list, including people with disabilities
  • How many bathrooms are available at the venue
  • Whether there’s some sort of AV system in place for speeches
  • Whether the venue provides food and drink or if you’ll need to bring in your own caterers

The exact list of factors you’ll need to consider depends on the type of shower you’re planning, so make a checklist ahead of time and take it with you to each venue.

Wrapping up: Find Your Perfect Baby Shower Venue

From bright and airy lofts to private restaurant dining rooms, there’s a huge range of beautiful and unique baby shower venues available. Your biggest problem will be choosing just one, so start the search for your ideal venue today.

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