33+ Stunning Baby Shower Hair Ideas If You Don’t Have One

If you’re planning a baby shower, you likely have a lot on your list.

However, that shouldn’t mean your confidence gets put on the back burner.

Aside from outfit and makeup choices, your hairstyle can define how you feel on your big day.

If you haven’t had the chance to plan the right do, consider the following baby shower hair ideas for soon to be moms. 

33+ Best Ideas for Baby Shower Hair Ideas

If you’re going with an elephant- themed baby shower, your hair can easily become part of the festivities!

Read on for practical tips on accessories, styling methods, and more. 

1. Elegant Braided Halo for a Stunning Baby Shower Look

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

2. Twisted Half-Up Waves

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

3. Soft, Loose Curls for a Delicate Look

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

4. Braided Halo with Loose Waves

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

5. Soft Waves and Baby’s Breath for a Timeless Style

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

6. Gorgeous Waves with Braided Halo

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

7. Romantic Hairdo with Braided Halo

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

8. Romantic Updo Enhanced by Floral Accessories

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

9. Polished Hairdo: Sleek and Stylish Baby Shower Hair

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

10. Boho Chic Braid with Pearl Embellishments

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

11. Loose Hairdo with Elegant Baby’s Breath

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

12. Elegant Side Braids

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

13. Soft Waves Complemented by Floral Accents

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

14. Vintage Vibes: Retro-Inspired Hairstyles for Modern Moms

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

15. Modern Hairdo Style with Subtle Curls

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

16. Elegant Low Hairdo with a Classic Floral Twist

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

17. Elegant Hair Twist with Braids

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

18. Flower-Infused Hairdo

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

19. Sophisticated Braided Halo with Natural Flowers

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

20. Delicate Curls and Flower Crown Combo

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

21. Boho Chic Halo with Floral Embellishments

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

22. Whimsical Hairdo Hairstyle with Floral Touches

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

23. Romantic Curls Enhanced by Floral Accessories

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

24. Half Up, Half Down with Romantic Braids

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

25. Braided Halos: Heavenly Hairstyles for Moms-to-Be

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

26. Loose Waves

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

27. Chic and Sweet: Baby Shower Hairdos to Inspire

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

28. Timeless Waves Perfect for the Occasion

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

29. Half-Up Knot: Perfect for Any Baby Shower Theme

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

30. Sophisticated Look: Elegant Hairdos for Your Shower

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

31. Glamorous Updos: Sophisticated Styles for Your Special Day

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

32. Classic Style with Delicate Flower

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

33. Effortlessly Stylish Half Up Hairdo

Baby Shower Hair Ideas

Theme Inspiration

While no one’s expecting you to show up with an elephant-shaped hairstyle, you can add subtle touches to any style that match this adorable theme.

If you know you’ll be going for an updo, hair pins topped with small elephants are an easy way to add pizzazz to a topknot or low bun.

A casual, pulled back twist will look great when held in place with an elephant-themed hair claw. 

Or, if you’d rather let your hair down, consider soft curls tactfully held back with small elephant-shaped clips.

Thanks to their versatility, elephant-themed barrettes will go with almost any hairstyle, especially if you have a few loose hairs you want to tame. 

A variety of elephant hair clips can be purchased online. 

Hair Accessories

Here’s a full list of elephant-themed accessories you can order online before the big day:

  • Elephant-shaped hairpins – Best for updos, buns, topknots, and twists
  • Floral headbands with elephant accents – Best for low buns, low ponytails, braids, and wearing your hair down
  • Blue, gray or silver ribbons – Best for ponytails, braids and half down- half up hairstyles
  • Delicate hair combs with elephant motifs – Best for updos
  • Elephant hair claws – Best for twists and half down-half up hairstyles

Practical Hairstyling Tips

If you are not able to get your hair professionally styled, the following tips can help you be your own hairdresser. 

First off, try to have a friend or relative help you take on your hair, as it’ll be easier with a second perspective.

If you don’t have much experience with the style you’ve chosen, watch a video tutorial that explains how to approach it step by step. Make sure you’re styling yourself under plenty of lighting and across from a mirror. 

Expect for things to not go smoothly the first time and allow yourself a few attempts to get the look you want.

Working with freshly washed hair is a good idea and be sure to brush it out well to avoid any tangles. 

No matter the hairstyle you’re working with, having a few basic tools on hand will make the process easier.

A wide tooth comb and a brush with boar, mixed or nylon bristles will be the easiest on your hair.

A few hair elastics and barrettes are great for holding back sections of hair throughout the process.

If you’re going for loose waves or curls, try to get your hand on a ceramic curling iron, as these are said to achieve more even results.

The same goes for hair straighteners!

Once you’ve gotten your hair styled, it’s a good idea to wear it out for a few hours to see how it will hold up.

This will give you an idea of what adjustments to make before the actual baby shower. 

Consideration for Hair Length and Texture

Hair is unique to the individual, but with a bit of research, you can find the style that fits your locks best. 

If your hair falls into naturally tight curls, consider twisting or braiding two sections along the sides of your head and letting the rest of your hair take the stage at the back of your head.

Guiding the loose hair into a loose low bun or more structured twist will highlight your features while keeping your hair out of your face. 

Straight hair will look best with a touch of volume, whether that means you incorporate loose waves, help yourself out with some hairspray, or try out a gravity-defying updo like a bouffant or a high pony. 

If you’re used to wavy curls, surprise your guests with sleek, straightened hair parted in the middle.

If you’d rather stay wavy, add a waterfall braid across the back of your head and allow your hair to cascade down from it. 

If you have short, straight hair, consider throwing in some soft curls to add volume and lift.

If you want to pull it back in a messy chignon or ponytail, leave a few curly strands out to frame your face.

A braided hair crowns can also work well, as well as a a casual half-up, half down style using a cute hair claw.

If you want to go for tousled, beachy waves, let your hair out, secure it with a bit of hairspray, and dress it up with a subtle headband. 

Medium or long hair of any texture lends itself to a range of updos and loose hairstyles.

If you want to go casual, gather your hair into a sleek high ponytail and spice it up with a hair scarf.

If you like braids but want to take things a step beyond the expected, consider an edgy fishtail braid draped over your shoulder.

Double fishtail braids are another interesting way to pull your hair back while leaving plenty to look at in the front.

For a bouncy, fun style, try a high ponytail woven into a fishtail braid.

For an elegant, easy choice, consider putting your long hair up in a braided bun – all you have to do is make a ponytail, braid the loose hair, wrap it around the base of the ponytail and secure.

Add a floral accessory to draw the eye. 

No matter what hair texture and length you’re currently rocking, there are countless options for you to try out for your baby shower.

As always, try as many as possible to find the one that speaks to you!

Low-Maintenance Options

If low maintenance is more up your alley, you can still look and feel great without spending too much time on your baby shower hairdo.

A sleek high ponytail adorned with a simple ribbon or colorful scrunchie, for example means business and takes less than 10 minutes to perfect.

On the same note, an elegant low ponytail can be adorned with a ribbon and lightly curled at the ends for extra bounce. 

Messy hair is definitely having a revival, so don’t be afraid to go with a messy top knot or messy low bun at the nape of the neck.

These can be easily dressed up with a few cute hairpins. 

A loose braided bun is another take on a casual do with a bit of flair.

All you need to do for this one is make one or two thin braids and pull them back into a bun and the base of your neck.

If you want to wear your hair down without it looking too messy, make two thin braids at the sides of your head, pull them back and secure with the rest of your hair using elephant hair pins. 


The truth is, there’s no perfect baby shower hairstyle- it all depends on mom’s personality.

Set aside some time to experiment with any of the hairstyles mentioned above to find the perfect fit.

And remember- express yourself!

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