how to make minecraft cake at home

How to make cool Minecraft cakes at home for your kid’s next birthday or party?

Well, you should know how to make a simple square, cube cake – so this should be easy right?

Having a toddler is like leading a different life that revolves around his or her passions, favorite cartoons, games, and characters. Of course, it means that all his parties and celebrations are going to be dedicated to their favorites.

Is he or she in love with Minecraft? Everything must be in cube shapes, pixels, and blocks. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to make a cool minecraft cake, even with zero experience and imagination, you came to the right place.

Here are some wonderful ideas on how to make minecraft cakes at home.

And don’t worry, if your cake doesnt turn out perfect, its the effort and love you put into baking counts more!

1The Minecraft Man

Yes, this one will take you more time, due to the cake’s height, and the right proportions of the blocks. Your cake must be stable and you will need to balance the layers.

2Grass Block cake

Nothing scary here. A cake cube, which you can make with home backed cake layers, or even to get them from the store. Choose a favorite filling, and your cake base will beready in minutes. Of course, when it comes to decoration, be ready to cut and arrange foundant pixels.

3Easy- Peasy

In case your cooking and decorating skills are equal to disaster, this Minecraft cake is just for you.

4A Secret Treasure

5Gold Diggers

Before you hit Alaska’s gold mines, enjoy this gorgeous Minecraft cake.

6Green Cupcakes

Play it safe, and use some of the coolest Minecraft print outs for your celebration.

7Stampy The Cat

For the real fans!

8Minecraft Cupcakes


A Minecraft cake, or minecraft cupcakes? It is all cake in the end of the day.

9Minecraft Village

Minecraft village build entirely by chocolate, and icing, fudge, and rice krispies.

10Minecraft Popsicles

Do not forget to add more Minecraft elements. These Minecraft popsicles could steal the show!

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