Coolest First Birthday Cakes for Your Little One

The first birthday party of our little person is fast approaching and you’re struggling to find a cake inspiration that would be as awesome as the little guy or the little lady.

Pinterest isn’t much help either – there is simply too much to choose from! If you’re baking the cake yourself, here is another problem – the cakes never turn out the way you see them online.

If you need a little helping hand, we are here to save the day. Here are over 20+ coolest first birthday cakes for your girl or boy!

For a little gent

Very simple cake with white fondant and small touches, one of the easier ones to do if you want to try and make the cake at home.

first birthday cakes
cotton and crumbs

Sea Creatures

Here is another layer of cuteness – sea inspired first birthday cake featuring his favourite animals. You can add number one on the cake or simply leave it without it, it still look amazing.

first birthday cakes

Farm Cake

All the kids love farm animals, so this farm inspired cake would be surely a hit at the birthday party!

first birthday cakes

For a little lady

This looks so delicious I want to eat it right away. Very versatile cake that easily turns into first birthday cake – simply add number one on the top – it would look great with sparkler in shape of number one.

first birthday cakes

Green Whales

Very simple cake perfect for DIY – you just need to get the cutting out shapes for whales and some food colouring for the fondant. Happy baking!

first birthday cake
project nursery

Naked Cake with Sparkles

Very simple yet impressive cake, without looking too childish. Stylish celebration of the first year with some added sparkles.

first birthday cakes

Simple Cake

Another ombre cake with simple styling. Leave it to the experts if you want to achieve this effect as the layering needs some skills.

first birthday cakes
100 layer cakelet

White Balloon Cake

Cute simple cake with a balloon theme, very easy to execute if you have the right tools.

first birthday cakes
emma lee

Naked with Flowers

No birthday is complete without flowers, so why leave them out just because it’s kids birthday?

first birthday cakes
tiffany ashten

Building Site Cake

Boys’ dream cake. Cool heavy machine dropping off treats from a cocoa dusted cake.

first birthday cakes

Over the Top

When you want to impress the guests on your baby’s first birthday party, this is the cake to order.

first birthday cakes
pretty little party shop

Little Birdie

A lot of details and a cute theme make this cake a wonderful center point of your birthday party.

first birthday cakes

The Big One

Simple cake with original presentation, can’t go wrong with that!

first birthday cakes
melanie bennett

Black & White

Little modern twist on traditional first birthday cake. How do you like this one?

first birthday cakes
hey there cupcake

Farm Animals

Another farm animals cake, just because I can’t get enough of them.

first birthday cake


Pretty minimalist birthday cake you an easily make at home.

first birthday cakes

Cute Fox

If he or she has a favourite animal, then make it a feature on the birthday cake.

first birthday cakes
cakes decor

Elephant Cake

Beautiful cake that can be suitable both for boys and girls – just adjust the colours.

first birthday cakes

Giant Cupcake

Are you doing a cake smash photo-shoot? Make sure you get one of these giant cupcakes then!

first birthday cakes
phanessas craft

For a little Princess

Another original birthday cake which is not covered in fairies or princesses.

first birthday cakes
the pastry studio

I Heart You

Modern twist with a bit of colour.

first birthday cake
the tom kat studio

Gold Dust

This has to be my favorite one. Replace the toppers with a number if you wish!

fist birthday cakes
style me pretty

Alphabet Cake

How appropriate – alphabet cake for first birthday! Why haven’t I thought of that one?

first birthday akes
the tom kat studio

Number One

This cake needs some serious work, so check the link below for instructions and make sure you have enough time to pull it off.

first birthday cakes
celebrate with cake

Cartoon Cake

Another original variety of birthday cake – turn it into a cartoon and watch the kids faces brighten up with excitement.

first birthday cakes
cake central

Elegant Cake

If the first birthday is a highly elegant affair, then this cake will hit all marks.

first birthday cakes
style me pretty

Train Cake

Little boys love trains, so train cake is another favorite for first birthday.

first birthday cakes

Peony Cake

I agree, this resembles a wedding cake, a bit. But no one says you can’t get inspiration from wedding cakes, right? Especially if they become an original and stylish first birthday cake!

first birthday cakes
hostess with the mostest  

Have you picked your favorite?

Are you baking the cake yourself or hiring professional help? Do you have a theme for a first birthday? Leave a comment below, we would love to hear about it!

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