number cakes

We got some serious sweet craving while writing this post, so we have to warn you about the same! If you’re looking for a fabulous number cake to celebrate the birthday of your kid or a family member, there is plenty to get inspired by on Pinterest.

As you will see from our selection below, the trend leans very heavily towards simple color tones featuring flowers, fruit and macaroons. In fact, it was predicted as THE cake trend for this year by the experts at Pinterest, and we couldn’t help but agree that these cakes are something special. They reflect a strong focus towards simplicity and a more personalized approach to celebrations of all kinds.

They also require greater skills than the usual round cake you would whip up on a Sunday afternoon. If you’re attempting any of these at home, equip yourself with a lot of patience and an eye for detail. Alternatively, there is always the easy way out by sending one of these pictures to your local artisan bakery =)

1Fruit & Macaroons

2Chocolate Wafer Number

how to make it here

3Numbered Unicorn Cake

4DIY Number Cake

how to make it here

5Fruit & Chocolates Number Cake

6DIY Mini Number Cake

7Favorite Treats Number Cake

8Purple & Peach Number Cake

9Lime & Peach Number Cake

10Blue & Silver Number Cake

11Girly Number Cake

12Themed Number Cake

13Simple Floral Cake

14Fairy Dust Cake

15Mermaid Number Cake

16Simple Chocolate Sprinkle Cake

17Kids Road Cake

18Fruity Cake

19Oreo Cake

20Number Cake with Photos

21Clock Imitation Cake


22Anniversary Number Cake

23Fruity Cake Framed with Chocolate

24Black & Gold Cake

25Flat Birthday Cake

26Red Velvet Number Cake


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