rainbow cake

Rainbow cakes have been a trend recently. Many parents get them made for their kids’ birthday parties with the sure oohs and ahhs from their little mouths. They’re super cute to look at and even perfect for adults!

I love a classic rainbow cake. Then, there are some that are just so beautifully made, it’d be a waste to devour. Ever had that feeling?

Well, if you have not, you’re about to have the major feels. Take a look at these perfectly made rainbow cakes and see if you’d want to do anything to damage it’s pristine feature.

1Rainbow Cakes Too Perfect To Eat

rainbow cakes


2Ruffles by Coco Jo Cake

rainbow cakes

Layers and layers of colors to imitate the wonder of a rainbow. I would love to give this a try if my hands would cooperate. Sure, I bake, but this takes a lot of skills! It looks so perfect!

Here’s a tutorial if you want to give it a try.


3Rainbow Cakes Swirl by Rise & Shine Bakery

rainbow cakes

It’s quite hypnotizing to look at, right? I love how simple yet so perfect this cake is. The gradient color of the piped icing is such a brilliant work of art! I’m sure this takes time, skills and pinpoint precision to decorate!


4Galaxy Rainbow by Sweetapolita

rainbow cakes

Okay, this isn’t the usual rainbow cake you’d expect to see. But, it is a rainbow fit for the beauty of the galaxy. Just look at the hues of purple, violet, blue and silver. It may not be the bright multi-colored rainbow we’re used to, but this is one of the rainbow cakes to behold.


5Aqua Rainbow by Sweetapolita

rainbow cakes

Anybody got a rising pop star diva for a daughter out there? This would be the perfect birthday cake! It’s extravagant, colorful and sparkly.


6Buttercream Rainbow by My Cake School

rainbow cakes

Looks like rainbow cakes need a lot of work, huh? Probably if you’re not a well versed in piping. Guess what? There’s a tutorial for this. Check out My Cake School for the full know-how.


7Glam Rock by Sweetapolita

rainbow cakes

I know what you’re thinking, “How is this a rainbow cake?”. Well, it’s not exactly a rainbow cake, but the colors of the sprinkles and the inside might as well be included in the basic colors of a rainbow.

Then again, you might be thinking how insanely cool this looks and are agreeing with me that this one of the best looking rainbow cakes on this list.


8I ♥ Rainbows Cake by Erin Bakes

rainbow cakes

Formerly known as Wild Orchid Baking Company, Erin Bakes has taken rainbow cakes to an even more feminine level by adding rainbow hearts made of fondant. This is the perfect picture of plain and simple yet totally eye-catching!


9Rainbow Sprinkle Cake by The Cake Blog

rainbow cakes

If doesn’t remind you of a rainbow, I don’t know what will. Just look at the perfection of these bursts of colors. This doesn’t take that much skills to follow. All it needs is tons and tons of sprinkles and a whole lot of fun!


10Flower Power Rainbow Cakes by Katherine Sabbath

Paddle Pop-inspired watercolour buttercream & a garden of lil’ chocolate flowers 🌸

A photo posted by Katherine Sabbath (@katherine_sabbath) on

I do not have much to say about this except, “Wow!”. The rainbow colors in pastel is just absolutely mesmerizing. I would not want to even touch this piece of art. I’d be happy to just stare at it.


11Candy Land Rainbow Cake by Katherine Sabbath

rainbow cakes

Katherine Sabbath is a cake genius, I tell you. I mean, are you looking at this cool looking version of a rainbow cake? More on the usual “candy” colors girls love but still with every feel of a rainbow. Am I in love?


12Pastel Rainbow by Taste.Com

rainbow cakes

Softer colors make a lit rainbow cake fit for any occasion. Your little girl will definitely love this and squeal with joy!


13Unicorn Pinata Cake by Crumbs and Doilies

rainbow cakes

Now, this is a solid combo of bright and pastel rainbow colors. I am utterly fascinated by the pastel effect on the top layer. How do they do it so well?


14Rainbow Cakes Tower by Bridal Guide

rainbow cakes

Try looking up at this beauty and tell me that you don’t expect to see a pot of gold on top. This is 100% rainbow worthy.


15Rainbow Drip Cake by Betsy Myers

rainbow cakes

I totally appreciate how abstract this rainbow drip cake looks. It’s as if the blend of the rainbow colors are supposed to look exactly like that. All in all, this cake looks great!


16Chocolate Rainbow Cake by Flavour Town Bakery

rainbow cakes

What I love about this cake is that it’s so simple outside, but you’re in for a surprise once you cut it open. I think that’s what a cake is supposed to be.


17Rainbow Donut Cake by Anges De Sucre

rainbow cakes

Donuts, chocolate drip sauce and rainbow cakes base? Oh, yes, this is a knockout combo people would not hesitate to spend their money on! One of my favorite on this list!


Are you all rainbowed out?

I told you they’d look to perfect to eat, right? Either way, if you’re planning your kid’s next birthday party, I’m sure you’ll be considering rainbow cakes after this.

Kids love color and if they don’t have a favorite concept you can base your theme on, a rainbow cake is a very solid contender yet perfectly safe.

Have a colorful day!


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