Galaxy Themed Birthday Party Decorations & Ideas

Ready? Set? Lift of!! Prepare for a joy ride of jaw-dropping cakes, snacks and decorations for out of this world Galaxy themed birthday party.

No matter what their age is, kids and adults alike will feel like they just embarked on a mission to discover the hidden treasures of our galaxy.

In this post, you will find everything you could possibly need to plan the perfect galaxy themed birthday party – from invitations, party favors to the most gorgeous birthday cakes, balloons and table setting inspiration.

For more party-fever inspiration don’t forget to head to our Pinterest board here and save the PIN image below for your future needs.

1Galaxy Cake

source; Pinterest

2Galaxy Party Balloon Decorations

3Galaxy Sprinkle Mix

4Galaxy Themed Popcorn

5Galaxy Donuts

6Out of this World Galaxy Cake

7Party Entry

8Party Balloons

source: Pinterest

9Black Backdrop

source: Pinterest

10Galaxy Party Favors

11Galaxy Chocolate Bark

source: Pinterest

12Easy Galaxy Cupcakes

13Galaxy Pops

14Galaxy Lemonade

15Planets Decorations

16Galaxy Table Setting

17Chocolate Swirl Galaxy Cupcakes


source: Pinterest

19Galaxy Slime

20Themed Balloons

source: Pinterest

21Silver Galaxy Decorations

source: Pinterest

22Galaxy Party Printables

23Party Invitation

24Galaxy Party Activities

25Snack Bar

source: Pinterest

26Plates & Cups Details

27Feature Table

source: Pinterest

28Edible Meteorites

29Star Galaxy Cookies

30Galaxy Macaroons

31Uber Cool Party Decor

32Light & Bright Party Decorations

33Easy Galaxy Cake

34Moon Inspired

35Colorful Galaxy Decor

source: Pinterest

36Simple Party Invitation

37Simple Table Centerpiece

38Galaxy Pretzels

39Unique Birthday Cake

source: Freshly Squeezd

40Decorations for Small Party

41Surprise Galaxy Cake

42Galaxy Rocks Idea for Decor

43Stars in Focus

44Moon Dough Favors

45Space Food

source: Pinterest

46Galaxy Paper Lanterns

source: Pinterest

47Galaxy Tshirts DIY

48Simple Cake Toppers

49Galaxy Details

50Outdoor Galaxy Party

51Outdoor Galaxy Party Decor

52DIY Rocket

source: Pinterest

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