How To Plan A Wild One Birthday Party

Where The Wild Things Are is probably one of the most inspirational birthdays themes especially if you’re planning birthday for your little one.

It is one of the favourites kids and at the same time adults story. Have a little fun with it and get inspired by our own picks for a Wild One birthday party!

1Start With The Invitations


Sending themed invitations to your guests will help them to have an idea about the party. No need to have any design skills as you can get a variety of these just off

2Wild One T-shirts

Have a fun photoshoot on the party with matching tshirts!

3Wild One Birthday Guest Book

The first birthday is something very special for everyone. In some nations, it is considered as the most important celebration for the baby.

In many countries, one of the traditions is to send good wishes for the baby. Get a branded book and your guest simply leave a special note for your baby’s first birthday.

4Wild One Birthday Party Essentials

One of the main features of the Where The Wild Things Are is the crown.

Besides the crown for the baby, you could set up a table with party accessories as paper crowns and other photo booth signs for your guests.

5Make Your Guests Special

Surprise your guests with special crowned wrap gifts. You could add candies or other treats inside and do not forget about a thank you note.

6Wild One Birthday Decor

Wild one birthday party decoration is all about wood, fantasy monsters and creatures, furry animals and you could not skip setting up a teepee.

If you don’t have enough room for a real teepee, you could make a teepee table decorations instead.

7Bring The Greenwood

Add more greenery gerlands for more natural feeling.

8Wild One Birthday Cake

Of course, the birthday cake must be special and must correspond to the birthday theme.

9I Will Eat You Up, I Love You So

Themed cookies, cupcakes and other sweet treats.

The best of the wild one birthday is the opportunity to present fruits masterpieces. Healthy, fresh and of course tied to the birthday theme.

10Wild One Drinks

Prepare home made lemonade and pour it in a special station. Add some wilderness accent and you have the perfect beverage.

11Make Your Glass A Wild One

As a final touch add a little bit more character in your glass and you are ready for wassills.

“Let the wild rumpus start!”

Maurice Sendak
How To Plan A Wild One Birthday Party


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