10 Simple Decluttering Ideas

To make our home shiny and tidy is not only about cleaning and organize it. Actually, we must do much more if we want to live in harmony at our home. I don’t mean to organize it according to Feng Shui.

But still, there are some simple rules to follow in order to declutter our home and make it a better and more joyful place for living.

Probably you remember Monica’s secret closet from the Friends series? Well, if you have your own place to store items you think you’d need one day or haven’t used at all you definitely should start decluttering right away!

Do not know how to start, just look around and follow these 10 simple decluttering ideas to keep your home clean and orderly!

“Getting organized is a sign of self-respect”- Gabrielle Bernstein

Choose The Starting Point- If you live alone decluttering is not that hard, but if you live with a plus one or more then be prepared for battels.

Do not be afraid to start because, in the end, you all will have a more pleasant place to live in.
There are no rules from where to start but you could try with something simple.

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Old Mail And Magazines

Mail, magazines, and paperwork- we should admit, we all keep some old mail and papers at home. This is the first thing you can declutter, just get rid of all unuseful subscriptions, old bills, and papers.

First, you can subscribe to all of them electronically so you don’t need the paper version.

Second, you will feel much better seeing your coffee table surface clean and tidy. And not at least you can recycle all of the unwanted paper from your home.

A Capsule Wardrobe

One of the trends in the last year is to build a capsule wardrobe.

The main idea of the capsule wardrobe is to have only 30-35 items for the next 3-6 months. In this way, we are saving money from sudden and emotional shopping, planning your outfits for the next 3-6 months and saving time in the morning wondering what to wear.

And not at least our wardrobe and closet are tidy and we are finding everything with just one look.

So do not waste more time wondering and looking at how to dress and start creating your capsule style. Get rid of all clothes you don’t like, don’t fit or you haven’t worn in the last year. And trash all clothes with stains, wholes and look old.

Besides, there are plenty of opportunities for smart use of old clothes. Many brands offer special discounts or vouchers if you leave old clothes for recycling.

There are special places where you can donate your old belongings. And of course, there are second-hand Apps and thrifts shops to sell. So think smart and start a capsule wardrobe.

Mind The Storage Box

Wait, what? Yes, be careful with all storage options. They look nice, they could add an accent in your home but let’s think sober.

If we have more storage to fill we will need more items and things to store in. But we want to get free from all items we don’t use, like and need, not to store them. So, mind the boxes and small storage options.

Decluttering Ideas For Kitchen

First, start with the surfaces and the kitchen island. Optimize the counter space and leave the appliances you really use every day.

The same advice for all canisters and jars. Yes, they are great for storing sugar, spices and flour but it is not really necessary to keep them on the counter.

Next step is to organize the kitchen cabinets. There are really nice hacks for optimizing the cabinets space but mainly try not to overstock with products. Do you really need to buy double from everything?

Do not forget to review all your pans and pots. If your nonstick pan is not nonstick anymore you definitely do not need it.

Fridge and Freezer Decluttering Ideas

Have you found yourself trying to get something from the fridge but you need to remove all the food before you reach the most desirable thing?
Yes, the fridge and the freezer probably are the most disordered places in every home, especially when you have kids around.

One of the most important thing when it comes to decluttering ideas for fridge and freezer is to check the expiration date of the products we have inside and to pull them towards. In this way, we won’t forget them in the back of the shelves and wait to get them in the trash.

It is good to separate different types of food on different shelves. In case you find it like a mission impossible, you could try adding stickers on the shelves, in the beginning, to get used to.

Besides, you will know exactly what you have with just a look inside and safe time when you do your shopping list.

Cleaning Products And Tools

Yes, we use them to keep our home clean and orderly but it doesn’t mean you should be buried by lots of cleaning products, sprays and tools.

Please note that sponges, mops and other textile cleaning items are the best environments for germs. That is why remember to keep them disinfected and renew them recently.

Makeup, Cosmetics And Medicaments

We all love to try new serums, lotions and makeup. It is important for our health to check the expiration date marked on the product and do not forget to see the additional sign for how long we could use it after we open it.

So open your makeup and cosmetic drawer and start decluttering it from expired products.

You could do the same for medicaments and other supplements. But make sure you dispose of them safely.

Small Decoration Items And Souvenirs

Try to get rid of all small unuseful and unwanted decoration items in your home. Do not forget to review the seasonal decoration as for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.

Decluttering Ideas For Kids And Toddlers

10 Simple Decluttering Ideas

Probably it sounds like a fairytale but if you start decluttering with your kids earlier you will reach great success.

Remember that teaching them how to put their staff in order and to know what is valuable for them among all toys, crafts and kids treasures is really important and helpful for their future development.

Smart Decluttering Ideas

I mentioned about online subscriptions in the beginning as something you could start with in order to get rid of too much paper. But we need to declutter our e-mail, apps and subscriptions too.

Getting reminders and notifications of something you do not like or do not use anymore is really annoying. So better review your smartphone and clean everything you consider as unwanted and useful. You will feel much better in the end.

Challenge Yourself

And if you still think decluttering is really hard, you could challenge yourself. Do not start with a big decluttering project. Here is an idea- if you declutter 10 little items from your home every day, you will get rid of 3,650 unuseful, unwanted items from your home for a whole year.

And remember:

“Clutter is chaos. It’s suffocating presence that robs us of peace and joy.”


10 Simple Decluttering Ideas

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