Tinkerbell Party Ideas - food, decorations, DIY

Create a magical forest in your home and transform any party into a whimsical wonderland with a few magic touches.

If you’re looking for an inspiration for your Tinkerbell Party, we have rolled up our sleeves to bring you the best party tips, food inspiration and decor highlights from Pinterest!

Set the mood with woodland inspired decorations, add a few fairy touches to the food and don’t forget about themed invitations, party favors and centerpieces – we’ve covered them all in here!

Browse our selection below to save tips for your own party, or follow us on our party board for even more party hacks, DIYs and decor tips.

1Forest Inspired Snacks

2Forest Candles

3Fairy Scavenger Hunt

4Dress to Impress

5Tinkerbell Pretzels

source: Pinterest

6Tinkerbell Pops

source: Pinterest

7Tinkerbell Floral Crowns

8Outdoor Tinkerbell Party Decorations

9Simple Cake Topper

10Touch of Woodland

11Giant Tinkerbell Cake

12Flower Garland

13Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

14Tinkerbell Tea Party

15Illuminated Fairy DIY Jar

source: Pinterest

16Backyard Outdoor Decorations

source: Pinterest

17Fairy Cupcakes

source: Pinterest

18Woodland Fairy Scavenger Hunt

19Grab Your Wings

20Morning Dew Drops

21Party in the Woods

22Tinkerbell Cakes

23Forest Berries

24Tinkerbell Jars Decor

25Outdoor Fairy Game

26Woodland Garden Lights

27Tinkerbell Party Favors

source: Pinterest

28Pixie Punch

29Fairy Wand

30Table Runner

31Stylish Cutlery

32Tinkerbell Centerpiece

floral tinkerbell cage centerpiece

33Make an Entrance

34Peter Pan

35Woodland Food

36Tinkerbell Party Favors – Magic Wands

37Tinkerbell Party Invitations

38Outdoor Centerpiece

source: Pinterest

39Plants Party Favors

40Tinkerbell Party Game – Catching Morning Dew

41Party Game – Dandelion Scoop

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