Enchanted Forest Party Theme Ideas for Kids Birthday outdoor table seating momooze.com online magazine for moms

Explore the most spellbinding enchanted forest kids birthday ideas in this latest roundup of Pinterest’s Best. A woodland birthday party suggests the perfect theme for both little boys and girls and it’s a great way to get kids outdoors! In fact, it presents an ideal opportunity for the little ones to have fun and make friends while being on a discovery journey in your back yard or adventuring in a creatively setup indoor wonderland! Really, it’s a party to which both boys and girls can go, unless you want to organize a little ladies-only fairy tea or Disney princess party.

Enchanted Forest Party Theme Ideas for Kids Birthday fairy party momooze.com online magazine for moms

We’ve covered the most exciting and engaging ideas out there. For instance, you can set up a woodland themed snack table and serve ‘twigs’, ‘leaves’ and berries on wooden discs. Additionally, there are dozens of creative enchanted forest activities that will awaken a child’s curiosity and make the little gang work together for a common cause. Here’s the imagery-rich roundup of the best woodland kids’ birthday party ideas:

1Woodland Party Invitations

First, start by designing or ordering colorful invitations to get the kids excited for the upcoming event!

Enchanted Forest Party Theme Ideas for Kids Birthday woodland invitation bday momooze.com online magazine for moms

2Firefly Lanterns

Second, decide whether you’ll day a full-day adventure or a late afternoon party. In the latter case, you’ll need lots of fairy lights. Get a bunch of Mason jars, decorate them with paint and ribbons, and fill them with your Christmas fairy lights.

3Candles in Hurricane Glasses

Place a bunch of big candles in glorious mood-setting hurricane glasses. And keep them all out of kids’ reach, of course!

4Let There be Light

Create a forest fairy shrine with some tasteful decor additions!

5Luminous LED Balloons


In the case of a late indoor party, use colorful LED balloons instead of the usual helium-filled balloons that don’t last long around kids!

6Wooden Travel Directions Signs

From Wonderland all the way to Neverland, Oz and Hogwarts, you can be creative with your themed destinations. One could lead to a dessert table, another to a jumping castle or a woodland workshop.

7Glowing Wall Mural

Alternatively, for an indoor forest wonderland party, you can acquire a magical wall mural whose fairies glow in the dark!

8Elaborate Settings

Glowing gardens and wonderlands, take their breath away!


Why not give the little guests each a starter pack and include a headband? Girls can receive tiaras, and the boys can get prince crowns.

10Woodland Hairstyles

Here’s another idea: why not request a specific dress code and hairstyle in the birthday invitations?

11Picnic Style Serving

Work creatively on the setting. Kids love a wonderland to explore!

12Fairy Berries

Order or bake your own enchanted forest snacks and name them creatively!

13Forest Animals Cookies

14Dirt Pudding Cups with Gummy Worms

15Squirrel Nibbles

Keep snacks healthy!

Enchanted Forest Party Theme Ideas for Kids Birthday raisins wrinkled grapes momooze.com online magazine for moms

16More Squirrel Snacks

17Dessert Table

18Woodland Masks

Invite the little ones to each pick a woodland mask and let them turn into their favorite forest animal!

19Moss Cupcakes

You really can’t go without mossy munchies at a woodland party! Don’t worry, there are plenty of recipes out there. Moreover, most are easy and healthy, including ingredients such as spinach and spirulina for the moss coating! You can make them taste chocolatey and minty on the inside!

20Moss Cookies

21Cake Dessert Table

Feel free to create a unique bewitching table setup while mixing snacks, drinks and decor pieces! Which brings us to the most awaited element – the cake!

22The Big Fairyland Cake

23Tree Stump Birthday Cake

24Simple Raspberry Chocolate Cake

25White Chocolate BDay Cake

26Caramel ‘Bambi’ Cake

27Snail Sandwiches

28Woodland Creature Cupcakes

29Apple Shaped Cookies

30Fudge Tree Rings

31Creamy Chocolate Truffles

32Magical Mushrooms

33Enchanted Forest Cake Pops

34Lake Water (Lemonade/Juice)

35More Snack Tables

36Fruits of Nature

Keep the bite-sized noms coming, the kids might want to have more of their favorite squirrel and deer snacks!

37Fairies Tea Party

In the case of a little ladies-only party, setting up an enchanted castle or organizing a princess picnic are popular go-to choices!

38Little Ladies Fairy Party

Capture the magical moments…

39Homemade Squirrel Pinata

Here’s a great idea for the thrill-seeking youngsters full of energy to not spare!

Enchanted Forest Party Theme Ideas for Kids Birthday squirrel pinata kids bday momooze.com online magazine for moms

40Crafts Workshop

Set up a themed arts and crafts section and reward the little artists!

41Scavenger Hunt

Prepare maps, clues, spells and rewards for a memorable treasure hunt!

42Pencil Favors

Finally, send them home with colorful little gifts!

43Fairy Dust Favors

Spread the pixie dust of your creativity and organize an unforgettable enchanted forest birthday party for your little one!

Enchanted Forest Party Theme Ideas for Kids Birthday outdoor table seating momooze.com online magazine for moms



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