30+ Creative DIY Easter Crafts for Kids twisted bunny cookies momooze.com online magazine for moms

Welcome springtime with these eggcellent DIY Easter crafts for kids of all ages – from colorful suncatchers and pom-pom yarn bunnies to elaborate egg decorations and bunny basket origami! Set up a craft table in the living room and spend some quality time with your little one! From low-mess crafts with very few supplies needed to more complex operations requiring a hot glue gun or sewing, below you will discover a variety of great ideas for your toddler or teen.

The Easter holiday spirit is already upon us. You can tell by the copious amounts of chick and bunny decorations in cafes and the piles of chocolate eggs and Easter baskets in stores! Setting aside some time for working on holiday crafts and baking Easter-themed treats with your little ones is the perfect recipe for learning new skills, nurturing a good mood, and making priceless memories! Here are 30+ creative Easter crafts for kids of all ages:

1Carrot Footprints

Starting with something simple for the youngest ones – draw your toddler’s attention to the crafts table by utilizing the power of shapes and bright colors!

2Pastel Paper Bunnies

This simple Easter bunny artwork involves only cutting and gluing – easy peasy!

3Easter Egg Suncatcher

This Easter egg suncatcher DIY does not require much supervision either. It consists primarily of cutting mini neon tissue paper squares and placing them on contact paper. However, the final result is really aesthetically pleasing even to adults, thus making the suncatchers a great gift idea for granny and other family members!

4DIY Easter Egg Straws

If you can get your hands on paper mache eggs, help your little ones drill holes on both ends and stick them on straws. Decorate with dots and dashes and let the kiddos write their names on them.

5DIY Easter Bunny Headband

The web space is full of fun and free Easter printables. The above bunny headband is fast, fun and easy to craft in no time at all!

6Paper Strip Easter Egg Art

Stock up on colored cardstock and patterned and colored paper for this project. The tutorial provides the egg template, you’ll only need adhesive and an X-acto knife for crafting!

7Pom-Pom Yarn Bunnies

Creating these super cute yarn & felt bunnies is more time-consuming and requires the assistance of an adult. You’d need to help with gluing the black pony beads for eyes using a hot glue gun. The kids, on the other hand, can specialize in giving haircuts to the pom poms! It can be truly addictive!

30+ Creative DIY Easter Crafts for Kids soft pom pom bunnies momooze.com online magazine for moms

Rainbow Squeegee Paint Easter Egg Art

30+ Creative DIY Easter Crafts for Kids rainbow squeegee paint Easter egg art momooze.com online magazine for moms

This is a very enjoyable and easy activity requiring only watercolor paper, tempera paints in diverse colors, drop cloth, squeegee and an egg template. You can string up the eggs in a garland or decorate the dining table.

8Egg Carton Bunny

For this one, you only need an egg carton, white and pink paint, a black sharpie, glue and scissors.

9DIY Easter Bunny Banner

This one is easy too, and you can pick the color palette to match the rest of your holiday decor!

10Rice Krispie Easter Chicks

These delicious chicks are made of melted marshmallow and krispie bars. The little one will love preparing and eating them!

11Jelly Bean Bracelets

Only three supplies needed here: jelly beans, stretch cord and needle. The result is mostly edible.

12DIY Fabric Easter Bunny

These gorgeous DIY bunnies require some advanced sewing skills – if your teen has an inclination for crafts, this one is definitely worth trying out!

13Beautiful Free Easter Coloring Pages

As we already mentioned, there are plenty of free Easter printables online, including coloring pages for kids and adults! Hopping mad about bunnies here…

14Peek-A-Boo Clothespin Eggs

You only need a few supplies from the dollar store for this one: clothespins, glitter craft foam, and black and orange gel pens!

30+ Creative DIY Easter Crafts for Kids colorful peek-a-boo clothespin eggs momooze.com online magazine for moms

15Salt-Painted Easter Eggs

We just love the rainbow hues and awesome puffy texture of these salt-painted eggs. Mix glue, salt and liquid watercolor paint and Michelangelo away with the little ones! The paintings take a day or two to dry but they stay puffy even afterwards.

16Decorate Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Decorating cupcakes is an addictive pastime! These cute bunny decorations require marshmallows, shredded coconut, pink sugar, pink jelly beans (for bunny noses) and mini chocolate chips (for bunny eyes). Yum!

17Transferring Kids Animation Characters Onto Eggs

You’d need an ink jet printer for this DIY! Print out the kids’ favorite animation characters on printable tattoo paper and apply on hard boiled eggs. The colors will really pop on the white background!

18DIY Galaxy Easter Eggs

You’d need latex gloves for this one. Show the kids how to blow out the eggs and guide them in carefully painting the shells with black, blue and purple nail polish and fine silver glitter!

30+ Creative DIY Easter Crafts for Kids galaxy Easter eggs momooze.com online magazine for moms

19Easter Egg Felt Treat Pouch

Assemble whatever scrap felt fabrics you have. The rest is all cutting tiny shapes and sewing them into cute little pouches!

20Instant Pot Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

Wrap eggs in 100% silk ties with busy, colorful patterns and put them in an instant pot for five minutes. Follow with a five-minute ice bath. Supplies list includes eggs, vinegar, silk ties, an old thin T-shirt you don’t mind destroying, and rubber bands.

21Easy Paper Easter Wreath

Glue spring and Easter-themed paper eggs onto a paper plate (cut out the inner portion first) and stick a beautiful ribbon on top. This colorful wreath will keep the mood high throughout the festive season.

22Animal-Shaped Easter Candy Huggers

You’ll find fantastic chick, duckling, bunny and lamb printables for the these candy huggers. Put a dot of glue on their bellies and let the little ones wrap the animal arms around the candy. A perfect gift for classmates!

30+ Creative DIY Easter Crafts for Kids diy animal shaped Easter candy huggers momooze.com online magazine for moms

23Peeps Houses

These cute little peeps houses are easy to glue together with some icing and delicious to munch on! You can thin some of the frosting with milk and additionally pipe it over the roof to give it the look of melting snow.

24Chicken Clothespins

Create a blooming tree with branches and popcorn and adorn it with some adorable clothespin chicks!

25Easter Egg Yarn Art

These yarn eggs are easy and enjoyable to create! You only need a heavy foam board for canvas, yarn in all colors, scissors, glue and a pencil!

26Cute Easter Bunny Treat Boxes

These ultra-cute bunny only require printing and assembling. However, the little ones can add extra color if they wish! Also, don’t forget to add fluffy tails!

30+ Creative DIY Easter Crafts for Kids cute Easter bunny treat boxes momooze.com online magazine for moms

27Easter Egg Ornaments

For this one, look for colorfully patterned decorative paper. The rest is easy. Supplies: crafter’s tape, yarn, scissors, beads and an Easter egg template.

28Easter Bunny Treat Cones

Here are more heart-meltingly cute printables to make pastel-colored Easter bunny treat cones in a few simple steps!

29DIY Bunny Party Favors

To create the pouches, let the kiddos cut out bunny silhouettes from wrapping paper. If they are old enough and you trust them with a needle, you can let them sew the two sides together. If not, use a sewing machine for finer results.

30DIY Bunny Party Hats

These cute pastel-shade bunny hats are great to sport at the dinner table – an immediate mood booster! Templates are provided.

31No-Sew Sock Bunnies

These gorgeous rice-stuffed bunnies are easy to create using only a few supplies you’d already have lying around the house.

32Quilted Artichoke Eggs

Here’s a more demanding project for the older kids. It looks complicated at first, but it only involves pinning pieces of fabric on an egg-shaped piece of styrofoam. Enjoy crafting together!

33Yarn-Wrapped Carrots

Again, another one for the older kids! You actually you need to use a hot glue gun for this one. Also, equip yourself with a styrofoam shaper and a tucking tool. These bright vivid carrots are a great addition to a mantel or used as a dining table centerpiece!

34Easter Origami Bunny Baskets

If your little one has already developed the right amount of focus and is able to concentrate on a more demanding task, you can work on creating these ultra cute origami bunny baskets together! You can print out patterns + instructions.

What fun family activities are you planning for this Easter? Stay tuned for more suggestions from our team!

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