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Easter is right around the corner and egg hunts will be the only thing your kids will ever talk about for the next days to come. You can tide them over and keep the excitement with Easter crafts you can make together.

Much like how Christmas is anticipated, kids also mark their kiddie calendars for Easter. And, it’s perfectly understandable why! Easter eggs are colorful and filled with yummy sweets! I still remember getting my own Easter eggs when I was younger. I always looked forward to the different chocolates I’d find inside.

But, until then, it can be hard dealing with overly excited kids. Check out these easter crafts to keep them occupied.

Fun & Easy Easter Crafts

1Easter Bunny Bookmark

An easter bunny bookmark is perfect for your kids who are starting to be book worms. It’s a great way to keep the childhood fun even in the midst of furthering their knowledge in advance. How cute would that look on the edge of the book pages instead of dog-earing them, right?

See how to make the origami here.

2Easter Egg Potato

How cool would stamping easter eggs on paper using a potato be? I’d say it would be a crafting experience for the books. Don’t let them do the carving, though. These easter crafts are the kinds you do with them. So, the carving is definitely your task. ;)

Learn how to make them here.

3Easter Dirt Cake

Don’t worry. It’s not actual dirt and this is one of those easter crafts that are actually edible. The dirt cake is made of Jello, cream cheese, Oreos and whipped cream. Sounds like a winning tasty combo, right? Give it a go so you know. Check it out here.

4Easter Chick

I bet you’ve never thought of painting using a fork. I certainly have never thought of it. But, that’s the great thing about easter crafts or any kind of craft for that matter. You can be as creative and as resourceful as your imagination permits.

See the full how-to here.

5Rice Crispies Nests

Now, this is an easter treat I would love to try myself. I love Robin’s Eggs and eating them with rice crispies just made them a whole lot better! Can’t wait to try this. Recipe here.

6Easter Wreath

If you have wreaths on Christmas, you most certainly can decorate your house for Easter with DIY wreaths perfect for the holiday. It’s easy to make so you’re sure your kids won’t be at it too long to be bored.

Grab the step-by-step here.

7Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls

It’s not only my kids that would love these rolls. My parents, my sisters and I would love them too. I might have to make more than one batch just to satisfy each of our bellies! Bunny-shaped cinnamon roll is pure genius and I would not be surprised to see this for sale in bakeries this Lenten season.

Learn how to make them here.

8Easter Carrot Snacks

From the word ‘carrot’, you probably thought it would be a vegetable snack you already know your kids would not even pay attention to. Nope. It’s the total opposite of healthy. It’s cheese balls packed to look like carrots. The Easter Bunny loves carrots after all which makes it fitting! See how to pack ’em here.

9Easter Bunny Paper Plate

Well, I would say this is one of those Easter crafts that has no other purpose except keeping your kids occupied for about an hour or so. At least they’re entertained, right? Add garter on both edges of the plate so they can wear it around their head.

Instructions here.

10Easter Egg Fruit Pizza

OMG. I am drooling just because I’m looking at this. I don’t really care if it’s in the shape of an egg but I’m sure the kiddos would love the easter feel. As you probably already know, this would be a great idea for your Easter feast.

Recipe here.

11Easter Egg Greeting Card

What’s a better way to send your relatives your Easter greeting than sending them your kids’ handmade cards? The grandparents would certainly love that and it might even make it to their refrigerator door. Check it out here.

12Easter Egg Breakfast Pops

What a creative way to start Easter Sunday. Just imagine the joy on your kids’ faces when they get their first easter eggs first thing in the morning. It would be the normal easter egg so they’ll even be more impressed! Learn the 101 here.

13Easter Bunnies from Toilet Rolls

One of the things about home crafts, you can use household items that would seem to be of no use anymore to create something nice like these easter crafts. Normally, you’d just throw away the toilet paper core. Start saving them, you’ll need them for easter!

Find the instructions here.

14Easter Egg Painting Ideas

Here are different designs you can take inspiration from when you paint easter eggs with your kids. I personally really like the Minions ones. It’s a personal preference but at least, you have lots to choose from! See the full list here.

15Easter Bunny Juice Boxes

Serve these on Easter Sunday and your kids would be gasping in awe. They’re gonna be asking you where you bought the Easter Bunny juice packs and would want that as a staple in their school lunch box. Check out the idea here.

16DIY Minnie & Mickey Easter Baskets

I can already imagine toddlers walking around the lawn, looking for easter eggs with their Minnie and Mickey easter baskets in tow. I forsee an overload of cuteness and lots of pictures on social media websites! Seems promising, eh? Learn how to DIY here.

17Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Colored shaving cream will surely get your kids excited. Disclaimer: might make a whole lot of mess so keep your kids in check! ;)

See how to make your own marbled eggs here.

18Easter Bunny Crayon Holder

Isn’t awesome how recycled items can be turned into something useful and so nice to look at? Teach your kids how to be organized with this bunny crayon holder. Find the instructions here.

19Bunny Banners

Decorate your place for easter in the most pocket-friendly way possible. Make your own bunny banners! Check out the how-to here.

20Mason Jar Chocolate Easter Bunny Gifts

Perfect giveaways if you’re going to have an Easter party with your friend! I bet their kids can’t wait to sink their teeth into that giant chocolate bunny. Learn how to pack them here.

21Egg Smash

Ooh. This is going to be so much fun! Paint and smashing eggs? Sounds like a lot of mess but it will still be one heck of an easter activity! Check the full idea here.

22Bunny Bait

Popcorn coated with different colored melted chocolate. Need I say more? Learn how to make it here.

23Energy Burning Egg Hunt

Your older kids would get a kick out of this. The usual easter egg hunt is probably getting boring for them so add a bit of twist by planting dud eggs that require physical activity!

Full idea here.

24Egg Hunt Ideas

Whoever find the most eggs is so yesterday. Like I said, your older kids are probably bored. If you want to get them involved in the yearly tradition, make it more exciting and different! Check these ideas out!

25Water Marbled Eggs

Nail polish and water. Those are the only things you need to get this pretty-looking eggs. Amaze your kids, will ya? ;) Get the know-how here.

26Bunny Masks

There are five different kinds here so your kids can have a bunny masquerade party at home! Take a peek here.

27Glow in the Dark Eggs

By far the coolest out of all the easter crafts on this list. Imagine the shocked expressions on your kids’ faces when you turn off the light and they find all the missing eggs! Wouldn’t it be cool to have a second round of hunting at night?

Learn how to make it here.

28Mini Easter Basket

It’s not the kind you can use but it sure does make a very pretty door hanger. Make it here.

29Easter Egg Dough Ornaments

Christmas has a tree. Why not have an Easter tree decorated with DIY ornaments? I might actually start this tradition. It makes a very nice foyer decor. See the full instruction here.

30Easter Candy Jars

These are such cute little jars your kids can use to keep their easter candies in. And, you can use them for storing other things afterward! Make your own here!

There you go! From food to crafts, you have more than enough easter crafts to keep your kids busy until Easter Sunday. 

That would give you enough time to plan an even more special egg hunt where even your older kids will want to join!

Happy Easter!

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