diy pillows

Pillows make good decorating pieces. They’re multi-purpose, movable and easy to replace. A bare couch can look chic by adding the right amount and design of pillows. Though they are on top of an interior decorator’s list. They can be very expensive and cripple your pocket.

Another good thing about them? Making DIY pillows is very doable.

So, if you’re pretty good with your hands or even if you’re not, these are some of the most pinned designs on Pinterest that will surely take your home decor a notch or two higher.

1Fabric Scrap DIY Pillows

DIY pillows

Talk about recycling. This project does not let a piece of fabric go to waste. What I love about this project is it creates something so chic yet rugged out of recycled fabric. It’s perfect for hipster home decors! A project by DIY Joy!

2No Sew Scalloped Pillow

DIY Pillows

DIY pillows don’t have to be difficult. You don’t even need to know how to sew for this project! All you need are a few things: a plain white pillow case, multi-colored felt patches and a glue gun. That’s basically it – gluing the patches on randomly! Ain’t that easy? Head over to Classy Clutter for the full how-to!

3DIY Pillows with Quotes

diy pillows

This is perfect for creatively-challenged people like me. It’s very simple, even a kid can do it. Basic Sharpie stenciling skills are all you need to make this happen. Check out Momtastic for the tutorial!

4Sprocket Pillows

diy pillows

These are so pretty! I love patterns on pillows so these are definitely up my alley! It requires sewing, but fortunately, I have decent hand sewing skills. If you have a machine, finishing this would be even easier. Thank you, Goods Home Design!

5Funfetti Cake Slice Pillow

diy pillows

If you enjoy a little bit of amateur painting, this would be a great project for you. The funfetti? They’re all hand painted! The difficulty level? I would say maybe a 5/10. Pretty doable, right? Check out the instructions at Awwsam.

6Macaron Plush Pillows

diy pillows

I can already imagine this on a reading nook right beside the window. Or piled plushly on a college dorm room bed. I’m not a big fan of pink but I do love plush like I love my chocolates. I have a plush blanket right now and I can’t imagine life without it again! If you love plush, head on to Camelot Fabrics Blog for the full instructions.

7Donut Pillows

diy pillows

Donuts are trending right now. It has been since late 2015 if I’m not mistaken. There are donut cell phone cases, pool floaters, bags, blankets. You name it! So, why not make you own donut pillow, right? This will be one of the best DIY pillows you’ll ever make. Trust me.

Check out Little Inspiration for the complete tutorial!

8Burlap Flower Pillow

diy pillows

As I have said, we want your acceptance of the challenge in making DIY pillows easy. Here’s another project that does not require sewing! Thank God for the man who invented hot glue. He has saved many home economics challenged people from failure! Taken from Stonegable Blog!

9Billy Ball Pillow

diy pillows

Well, you can’t really have it all, right? We’ve given you ones that don’t require sewing. Well, here’s one that needs sewing precision! Yes, those embroideries are done by hand. But, don’t fret! Front Main has provided step-by-step photos of their instructions.

10Repurposed Sweater Pillows

diy pillows

Don’t throw away your old sweaters! They make the perfect war DIY pillows! I wouldn’t suggest using the sweaters you received as a Christmas present where you were forced to act like you love it. If you don’t want to be always reminded of it, chuck it out and keep the ones that would actually help your decor. Get the full know-how from Tidbits.

11Watercolor Pillow

diy pillows

Suprise you teenagers with this super cute pillow! She’ll love it to death especially if you match the watercolor with her favorite colors, the color of her room, the sunset or even dusk! Another top of the line design from Tidbits!

12Seashell Stamped Pillows

diy pillows

If I had a beach house, this would definitely go on my porch bench. I can imagine watching the waves and seagulls while sitting on a porch swing. Yes, that would be ideal. It might even be added as one of my bed accessories since I don’t have a beach house. I love this! Thanks, The Kim Six Fix!

There you have it! More than ten DIY pillows design to choose from!

I personally like the watercolor, seashell stamped and the burlap flower ones. There are more designs out there so don’t limit yourself to what you’ve seen here. Our aim is to just get you excited and started!

DIY pillows are worth spending every minute on making and they’ll make your home decor even better!

Have you tried making DIY pillows of your own? Let us know how it went with a comment below!