50+ Best Creative Crafts to Keep your Kids Busy

Fall is around the corner and that means one thing – more rainy days, miserable weather and indoor time.  If you’re one of those parents who don’t want their little one spending every free moment watching tv or playing with gadgets, here is a list you need to bookmark: 50+ crafts, DIYs and activities that will keep those little hands busy.

Crafts are not just a great way to pass time, but they have also multiple developmental benefits – did you know that simple activities like drawing, cutting out and coloring can improve bilateral coordination? That means kids learn to use both of their hands at the same time, which is important in later life and help them with learning to write and tie their shoe laces for examples. Other developmental benefits of crafts include improving fine motor coordination, learn patience and self-control and boost their self esteem.

If that’s not enough reasons, here is another one – they are simply too cute to miss these! So what do you say, which one will you start with?



kids diy projects

Let your kids pick a motive or animal they like the most and then make these together.

23D Paper Planets

crafts for kids

These require a bit of skill and help from mom and dad, but they make a great addition to kids’ rooms!

3Paper Chain Snake

kids crafts diy

Easy diy toy even for the smallest fingers!

4DIY Football Table

kids diy projects

Brilliant home made football table to entertain both kids and adults.

5Bird Houses

kids crafts diy

These look like they have been cut out straight from a Harry Potter movie!

6Princess Bookmarks

kids crafts

Cute bookmarks for little girls.

7Pom Pom Pens

crafts for kids

Dress up their pens and pencils with some pom poms.


8DIY Masks

crafts for kids

Not just for Halloween!

9Paper Garland

crafts for kids

Decorate their room with this simple and cheerful garland.

10Moving Fish

kids crafts

This one doesn’t need any water.

11Plate Spiders

kids diy crafts

Paper plates strike again!

12Milk Carton Village

kids diy projects

Bit of paper, glue, milk cartons and voila – a whole village is ready for play.

13Paper Dinosaurs

kids crafts

Reuse your spare paper plates and make a whole family of dinosaurs!

14Paper Dragon

diy kids projects

Minimum effort, maximum enjoyment.

15Balloon Dart Painting

creative crafts for kids

For those little artists.

16Pineapple Painting

kids crafts diy

Get those little fingers dirty!

17Popsicle Craft

diy kids projects

Great craft to remember fun summer days.

18Squirt Gun Paint

kids diy crafts

If its still warm outside, why not try this one!

19Fireworks Painting with Toilet Rolls

kids crafts

Reuse toilet rolls to make this simple art.

20Paint Splash

diy crafts for kids

Kids love to make mess, so while they’re at it, why not create art same time?

21Glue & Paint Fireworks

kids diy projects

Another firework project to get their hands dirty.

22Spin Painting

kids diy crafts

For preschoolers, but equally fun for mom and dad to do.

23Tic Tac Toe

kids diy projects

Collect some rocks from the garden or beach and turn them into a never ending round of fun.

24Minion Stones

kids crafts

Three colors, rocks and so much fun!

25DIY Car Track from Stones

diy crafts kids

This is on top of my list, my little guy will love this one!

26Ladybug Stones

diy kids crafts

Got some rocks left still? What about these cute ladybugs?

27Stone Puzzle

kids crafts

Why play puzzle with paper when you can use cool rocks?

28Rock Monster Magnets

kids crafts

Awww… I can see these on my fridge!

29Rock Kitchen Food

diy kids crafts

Have you got mud kitchen in your backyard? This one is a must have then!

30Hand Painted Cactus

crafts for kids

Pinterest is roaring with these and I can see why!

31Pen Holders

kids diy projects

Used bottles make pretty pen holders, all you need is scissors and a bit of paint.

32Toilet Roll Animals

kids crafts diy

Toilet rolls are one of the most popular craft supplies on Pinterest, these little animals are one of the best examples I’ve found.

33Marshmallow Play Dough

kids crafts diy

Did you know you can make a play dough from marshmallows?

34Lego Cups

kids diy projects

Cute little faces to brighten up your day.

35Pom Pom Caterpillar

diy kids crafts
source: we-mad-that-.com

Kids will love the fuzz and the fluff!

36Hand Print Fish Puppets

kids crafts diy

Cut the shape and let them decorate their own puppets.

37Jelly Fish

kids crafts diy

Great craft that can be used as a decoration for kids’ room.

38Bee Hive

crafts for kids

Kinder Surprise eggs turn into a bunch of cute bees that are finding their way into the bee hive.

39Superhero Masks

kids crafts

Who doesn’t love a superhero, even without a Halloween party!

40Funny Face Flip Book

kids diy crafts

One for older kids.

41Toilet Roll Dolls

kids crafts

Make her favorite princess or a movie character.

42Cork Sailboats

crafts for kids

Great company for bath time.

43Cars from Toilet Rolls

crafts for kids

Let them race with their customized cars made out of toilet rolls.

44Floating Dino

kids crafts

My favorite Dinosaur decoration from Pinterest, so simple to make and so cute!


crafts for kids

Get them ready ahead of Halloween!


crafts for kids

Don’t just pull out the cocktail glass!

47Chick Finger Puppet

crafts for kids

All it needs is two little fingers!

48Napkin Paper Ballerinas

crafts for kids

The most beautiful art from napkin paper I’ve seen, what do you think?


crafts for kids

Pretty dragonflies with some basic diy supplies.

50Flying Dragons

crafts for kids

Let them decorate their own dragon cutouts and watch them fly.

51Popsicle Ballerinas

crafts for kids

Dancing ballerinas made from Popsicle sticks and cupcake paper.

52Paper Spinner

crafts for kids

Fun for adults to make and for kids to use!

Which one did you like the most? Did you try some of these at home already? Leave a comment below!

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