kids table games

It is important to keep your child busy during the day because there is no better way to learn about the world than through game and fun. But, there is even more satisfaction when you ask your child to help you make great table games you can later play together.

I find DIY projects extremely important in childhood because they stimulate creativity and resourcefulness which may come handy later in life.

But, the most important thing is that proud feeling your child will have when the game is finished.

So, to give you some motivation I am offering you 15 table games for kids you can make at home with your kid.

1Mini Foosball Table

kids table games

You don’t need much to make this small foosball table; actually I am pretty sure you have everything you need at home. You do the cutting and let your kid do the coloring.

I can see that you will make an excellent team!

2Tic-Tac-Toe Travel Bag

table games kids

This game is so good because you can carry it with you wherever you go. This table game doesn’t need a board everything you need for the game fits into a bag.

3Guess who game

kids table games

The perfect way for your child to connect the names and the faces of your big family and with all that, you can teach your child family members names. No more confusion between aunts and nieces.

4Math game

kids table games

Who said math is hard didn’t play this game when he was young! The best way to learn multiplication is through game and this is the perfect game for that!

5Checkers game

kids table games

Do you remember when you played checkers when you were young? Well I am sure you will have a smile on your face when you do and I am sure you want your kid to have a smile on his face too! So, grab your brushes and start coloring!

6Lego game

kids table games

I love this game because it includes Legos! The game is actually pretty creative and your children will love to play it because it has many combinations like: take more Legos, lose a turn and no one can tell who the winner is until the end.

7Velcro stix game

kids table games

I like this game because you only need a carpet for playing. It is so easy to make and again, your children can do the coloring while you glue the Velcro to the sticks. Another fun task for your family!

8Winter game

kids table games

Oh, no, outside is freezing and your children can’t play outside but they love winter! Well, you don’t have to worry because this adorable winter version of Tic Tac Toe will impress them so much that they will spend the entire winter on this game.

9Number memory

kids table games

Memory is a game every kid should play at least once a week. It stimulates memory and teaches kids how to think. On top of all that, it is so simple and fast to make! The perfect DIY kid’s game.

10Find the fun

kids table games

Like the name says the only goal of this game is to find the fun and I am sure your kids will find the fun in the first minute of the game! Simple, colourful and cute, everything one game should have.

11Snakes and ladders

kids table games

I love this game it is so cute and the best part is that the kids can do it all by themselves. Mom, bring out the paper, crayons, thread and sticks and watch the magic happens! Ok, you can help with the glue

12Chores for kids

kids table games

I am sure you have so many little and simple chores you just can’t do! Well, why don’t you give it to your children through this awesome game! Also, one of the chores can be to collect all teddy bears and put them in the box.

13The house game

kids table games

For this game all you need is a paper, two cubes and your family. Similar to the Chores for kid’s game only the entire family can have fun and do some work!

14Bottle cap checkers

kids table games

The design of this checkers is so great that I just had to put it on the list! So innovative and creative and the best part is that your kids can help you make it too! Checkers will be done in few hours and after that you can play it all day!


kids table games

Do you remember placing tiles one to the other and the other? I loved playing domino when I was young and I think it is one great game for shaping young’s minds! Teaches them how to think, plan and solve problems and all that from few tiles! J

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