10+ Cool Math Activities and Games for Kids

Teaching math to your preschooler would never be unproblematic especially when he refuses to take interest in all the worksheets. Whether you are homeschooling or providing a head start to your child on mathematics let your kid start thinking automatically.

Go beyond paper and pencil and adopt amusing ways to make the learning process fun for you and your kid. Incorporate math into your kid’s games and day to day activities to turn him into a mini mathematician.

We have rounded up a few interesting math games and hands-on activities that will get your kid to jump, run, and learn. When he will involve his whole body as well as the brain in learning, he would remember and could easily retrieve what he learns.


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Start your math lessons with counting and number recognition. Draw a hopscotch board on flour and let your kiddo play the game with your own rules.

Ask him to jump on the numbers on the board once or twice and name the number as he jumps. Write 1 to 20 or more numbers your kid could easily learn.

2Number Walk

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This number walk is perfect for a toddler to learn and recognize numbers. Draw a large grid on the courtyard or driveway with chalk and make as many squares as required. Fill those squares with numbers and let your kid walk on them in order.

Ask him to name the number as he puts steps on it.

Make flashcards and write one number on each card. Ask your kid to match the numbers written on the card with the numbers drawn on flour. This activity encourages your kid to name the number and then match the number.

3Run and Count

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Make 20 flashcards; draw 1 to 10 numbers on half cards and apply stickers on the remaining half with varying numbers.

The kid is required to count the stickers on each sticker card and attach that card to the number card placed at a distance. This game will help your kid practice counting and get familiarity with numbers.

4Number Hunt

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Take a few ice cream sticks and number these sticks from 1 to 20. Hide these sticks in different places in your home or courtyard.

Now ask your kid and his buddies to find those sticks and arrange them in the right order before the time runs out.

The kids would run, jump, and climb to find those number of sticks. This activity will help them learn addition and subtraction by counting the gathered sticks and calculating the remaining.

5Water Balloon Target Game

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There could never be more amusing than playing with water balloons, and it is more advantageous if it is to learn.

Draw big circles on flour and fill them with random numbers. Ask kids to throw water balloons in the circle and name the number on which the water balloon lands. The game will end after all the numbers wash away.

6Follow Numbers

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Take an art paper and write a grid of numbers on it. You can also do this on a regular paper but kids love doing things big.

Write numbers randomly and repeatedly and ask your kid to join similar numbers with a tape. Provide your kid with a painter’s tape and scissors to cut the tape after connecting the first number to the next.

7Number Puzzles

This game is simply about solving a puzzle with the help of numbers. You can create a puzzle at home with the help of a cereal box.

Take the front side of the box and write numbers in order on its plain back. Now cut it in the shape of the puzzle. Your kid will complete the puzzle joining the numbers in order.

8Sticking Up Number Boxes

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You can use any type of boxes to perform this activity but these should be light-weighted. Number these boxes and let your kid arrange these boxes chronologically. He can make a tower equal to his own height.

This activity will help the toddler learn balancing and the excitement of creating a giant tower will keep him trying persistently.

9Counting Flower Petals

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This activity would be perfect to practice if you have a little orchid outside your house. Ask your kid to count the flower petals and match the flowers with others having the same number of petals.

10Counting with Food Jars

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You might have baby food jars in your kitchen. Number the jars with colored paper.

Provide your kid marshmallows and ask him to fill each jar with marshmallows in the quantity mentioned on the jar. You can use any other thing except marshmallows to get the jars filled.

11Jelly Bean Counting

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Playing with jelly beans is not just entertaining but it is tasty as well. Take art paper and draw shapes on it. Writer a number in each shape and ask your kid to fill that shape with jelly beans in accordance with the mentioned number.

If a circle shape contains number 3, fill that shape with 7 jelly beans. You can do this with candies, or other tiny eatables.

At the end of the game, you kid can fill his round stomach with all these tasty beans.

12Number Balloons

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Here comes another activity having use of balloons but this time these balloons are not filled with water. Number balloons and hide them somewhere in the home. Ask your kid to find these balloons in order which means he will have to start with #1 balloon.

If he finds balloon number 8, he will have to leave it there until he was required to find that number. This activity will improve your toddler’s ability to recognize numbers and their order. It will also test his memory.

When he would find a numbered balloon out of order, he would put it back and recall where it was when he needed it.

Once you show your kid how fun math can be he would gain an enthusiasm for learning. You can apply all these learning tricks to other subjects.

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