5 Things that Moms Can Enjoy Teaching Their Kids

Moms often find times to connect with their children throughout their lives. Shared experiences can be a big part of that. As a mother, you have been through many of the same things your child has, and you can share with them what you have learned during your life.

There are also probably going to be some instances where you particularly enjoy teaching your child some skills that you have mastered. You can feel like you are passing your knowledge down to them, and that’s something special that will always bind you together. You are helping to make your child a complete person.

Let’s talk about some of the skills that, as a mother, you can teach your child as they grow up.

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You Can Teach Them to Drive

Driving isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Once you get out on the road, an accident is always possible. If that happens to your child, they will need to figure out whether they caused the crash, whether the other driver has insurance or not, and so forth.

You would hope, though, that if you teach them everything about driving that you have learned during your life, your teen will not cause any accidents. You can start by taking them somewhere there is no traffic and showing them the basics. You can tell them how to brake, press down on the gas, how to adjust their mirrors, etc.

Once they feel somewhat more confident, you can allow them to go out in traffic and execute some basic maneuvers. You should not let them try anything too challenging, like going out on the highway until you are sure they can handle it.

You Can Teach Them How to Cook

For some moms, teaching their kids to cook can be a deeply spiritual thing. Maybe your parents taught you how to cook, just as their parents taught them. Cooking is a generational skill, and it is one that can stay relevant in your family down through the years.

You might have some cherished family recipes that you will only pass on to your kids. They might have been in the family for many years as well. So many families have cookie or cake recipes that they guard and won’t show to anyone but a blood relation.

You can also teach your kids all the basics, like how to use the stove, how to boil water, how to use the oven, and so forth. The more you teach them, the better they will become, and the more elaborate meals they can prepare as they get a little older. You know these are skills that will serve them well when they move out on their own someday.

You Can Teach Them How to Budget

You can teach your kids some budgeting skills they will need when they leave the house. You might start by opening up a savings and a checking account for them and showing them how to use them.

Some parents give their kids an allowance. This is not a bad idea since you can teach them about budgeting and having their own money that way. You can also assign them chores to do before you give them that money, which teaches them responsibility.

You can show them how credit cards work, and you can show them how to pay off their balance every month, so they do not have to pay any interest. These skills can help them once they graduate from college and join the job market. If they’re bad with money, they can get themselves in financial trouble quickly.

You Can Teach Them Housework Chores

A mom wears many hats, and she usually is a housekeeper along with many other tasks. The sooner you teach the kids how to keep up with housework, though, the better it is.

You can show your kids at a young age how to vacuum and sweep up the floors. You might show them how to dust and how to clean the kitchen surfaces. You can teach them how to do laundry and how to tidy up their rooms, so they know where things are, and they don’t trip over them.

Your child might not be very eager to learn these skills, but you know they will come in handy later. Also, when you choose to give your child an allowance each week, you can incentivize housecleaning by telling them you won’t pay them until they take care of their chores.

You Can Teach Them How to Care for a Yard

If you own a home and it has a front and backyard, you can also teach your child some outside activities that should keep the yards looking in the best shape possible. For instance, you can show them how to mow the lawn and how to weed the flower beds.

You can show them how to plant new flowers or how to fill a birdfeeder. You can demonstrate how to grow herbs they can use in their cooking. You can show them how to compost.

If you love being outdoors, your enthusiasm might rub off on your kids. They may come to understand that their yard can be their little oasis, where they can escape from the world for a time and concentrate on the simple things, like growing and cultivating.

There are many more things you can teach your child, some as simple as tying their shoes, some as complex as learning how to do their taxes. You might enjoy teaching some of them more than others, but with each new skill, you are better preparing your child for life on their own.

You might even learn new skills or sharpen existing ones as you teach your child. Your own journey is not yet over, and attaining some additional skills as you pass on the ones you know can be an extra, unexpected perk. As a human, you should never feel like you know everything yet.   

Julie Higgins
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