10+ Fun Money Games For Kids

Talking about money is something most of us avoid at all costs. However, when it comes to kids, teaching them the basics is very important.

You can start as early as you want because there are coin and money games designed for nearly all ages. 

For older kids, you can set up saving jars, give them chores, and reward them with money and teach them to plan their spending accordingly.

If you start early enough, your kids will develop a better understanding of the value of money and how to use it wisely. Here are a few of our favorite games and hacks from Pinterest.

Counting Money

This is a fun activity and you can probably start this as a pre-school game at home. All you need is a few cupcake liners and coins. More details about the game can be found here.

counting money

Coin War

Fun game for adults and kids alike. Get the details and printables here.

coin war

The Grocery Game

One of the most common money games. Perfect for practicing counting too. Get this printable here.

grocery game

Don’t Break the Bank Game

Super easy and fun game that comes with a free printable. Get it here.

dont break teh bank

Money Sorting

Easy game for smaller kids – teach them the difference between dimes, quarters, pennies and nickles. Get the printables from here.

money sorting

Roll a Coin

Bingo type of game with coins. Super fun for kids plus they get to learn all different types of coins. Get the details here.

roll a coin

Spend Save Give

Teach them to budget properly with three simple jars, you can make one for each of your kids. Alternatively, there is a great app called Goal Setter where you can set saving goals for your kids. People can send gifts for kids in the form of digital vouchers which go toward their savings. 

kids money

Money Battleship

This is a fun game that you can take anywhere with you, perfect for travelling with kids! Find more details here.

money battleship

Counting Coins

Another version of the Bingo game with coins. More details here.

counting coins

Teaching Money Game

Puzzle game with coins. More details here.

teaching money

The Money Game

Mini version of monopoly. More details here.

the money game

People often feel awkward about talking to their kids about money but the sooner you do it, the better equipped they’ll be for adult life.  

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