Entertaining the kids is like a marathon run towards the next nap time. If you feel like you’re out of ideas on how to keep them busy, remember there is always Pinterest. Here is a small selection of some of the most popular easy games for toddlers.

Most of these can be made out of stuff that you normally find around the house like paper or cardboard. If you get creative yourself, don’t forget to leave your own tip in the comments below!

15 Easy Games for Toddlers

1Feed the Turkey Game

A very simple and fun activity, especially if you’re looking to do something at home without buying extra suppliers. Stick a few feathers on empty bottles, add a bag of pom-poms, and off they go. Source: here

2The Bubble Wrap Walk

Who doesn’t love bubble wrap! Kids love it! For a fun and simple activity, design a simple walkway out of bubble wrap and put in a few obstacles if you want to test their coordination skills.

3Clean the Cars

Super easy sensory activity for small boys – all you need is a big plastic contains where you let your little one go wild with some soil and diggers. Once they are done, teach them how to clean them and dry them properly.

4Megablock Pom Pom Sorting

This looks fun even for me. Keep your kids busy with a simple sorting activity and let them practice their colors at the same time.

5Scavenger Hunt

Our favorite – draw up a list of items to find and let your little toddler go wild roaming through the house. This will keep him busy for hours if you pick your items carefully.

6Hide the Animals

We all have a ton of small animals around the house and this little game is a great way to put them to good use. Let your toddler place them to a baking tray for muffins and slowly cover them. He or she can then pretend to be an archaeologist and slowly dig them out one by one.

7Easy Goop

Kids love to get messy, so why not let them have a little fun. The recipe for the home made goop can be found here.

8Asteroid Toss

Great motor activity for the kids, and parents can have fun joining in too! All you need is a bit of cardboard and foil.

9Sticker Line-Up


Quick and easy activity for toddlers, just a piece of paper and stickers is all you need. Let them line them up on the drawn lines all the way to the end and include a small reward if they get it right.

10Pouring Station

Kids love playing with water. Add a bit of food coloring, different size jugs and ladels and they will be occupied for hours.

11Card-slot Drop

It could be coins or pieces of pasta, or cards – let them fill up the tin and watch them light up with joy when it also makes noise when shaking.

12Laundry Basket Maze

I mean how genius is this!

13Easy Egg Roll Activity

All fun and giggles until they start throwing the eggs at you.

14Threading Cardboard Beads

Plenty of cardboard at home? Then you found yourself a new game!

15Paper Plate Puzzle

If your kids are too small to start with normal puzzle, this DIY version will be surely a success.


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