mermaid bedroom

Every little girl probably dreams about having that whimsical bedroom she always imagined and the mermaid theme seems to be more popular than ever.

If you’re looking for mermaid bedroom ideas – whether to DIY yourself or simply to add a few accessories, we collected plenty of ideas to get your creativity going.

There are a few core elements to this theme which seems to be the gills & color tones. Don’t feel the need to stick to these though – there are ways to update the decor to be more suitable for teenager or to make it look more elegant.

The color selection can make the whole room feel a little cold, so don’t go overboard.

Plenty of these ideas are super easy to DIY even with minimum skills and if you don’t want to go full on with the theme, you can always update the bedding and a few accessories in the room.

As it is the case with little girls, their taste will change sooner or later so you don’t want to be doing a new paint job in a few months =)

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1Mermaid Wall

2Pastel Bedroom Colors

3Shell Bedroom Decor

4Big Girl Bedroom

5Chest of Drawers

6Fantasy Bed

7Reading Corner

8Scalloped Lamp

9Fishing Net

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10Mermaid Bookshelf

11Ultimate Mermaid Bedroom

12Mermaid Glitter Bedroom Wall

13Shell Chair

14Mermaid Sleeps Here

15Baby Mobile

16Mermaid Head Board

17All White

18Door Knobs

19Simple Mermaid Bedroom Update

20Small Decor Touches

21Wall Decor

22Waterfall Bubble Chandelier

23Subtle Theme

24Bedroom Carpet

25Treasure Display

26Duvet Cover

27Mermaid Wall Art

28Mermaid Duvet

29Pink Shell Bed

30Statement Chandelier


32Mermaid Motto

33Mermaid Dream Catcher


34Subtle Mermaid Tones

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Mermaid Bedroom Ideas


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