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Whether you want to refashion an entire room or just a small nook in the house as a bright and fun playroom space for you kid, you can draw fresh inspiration right here. Discover the trendiest, coolest and most delightful designs for a brilliant playroom makeover ranging from small-scale DIY projects that will take an afternoon or two to complete, to full-scale remodeling and ready-to-build kits.

There’s plenty to do even if your budget is small. You can repaint the walls, organize toys with creative DIY storage solutions, look for lucky finds at the thrift store and fix them up, and much more! Not only will you get picture-perfect doses of design inspiration below, but you can get motivated to make even small – yet meaningful – improvements to your child’s play space. For instance, introducing more natural materials and fabrics, increasing sun exposure, adding pillows with soft filling and bean bags for play and relaxation etc.

After all, creating a safe and healthy environment is as important as picking a beautiful theme and setting up smart storage. Additionally, you want to give enough physical and mental stimuli to your child to play, learn, explore and relax there. Here are some fantastic suggestions for a playroom makeover:

1Creativity Wall

When you don’t have enough space to fit all in, go vertical!

2Australia-Themed Playroom

Geographically-themed playrooms are so much fun! You can fill them with unique toys and souvenirs and kids get to learn about local/foreign flora, fauna, monuments and cultural symbols. Some examples include the great Down Under, cosmopolitan capitals like London and Paris, rainforest and savanna regions, Tahitian and other Polynesian islands, North Pole etc.

3Creative Clock

Get them excited about learning the time with this rain cloud clock! Available in our shop here!

Chic Cabinet for Girls

28 coolest playroom decor ideas girl playroom momooze.com online magazine for moms

If your little girl enjoys neatness, a themed cabinet for all her belongings may keep her passions well organized.

4Chalkboard Art Wall

Since drawing on the wall often comes unasked for anyways, you might as well install a chalkboard or a white board for your kiddos!

5Home Gym for Kids

We love the idea of a healthy inhouse workout/play zone for the little ones. Rock climbing wall holds are widely available online, but you also need to make sure that you account for safety, i.e. estimate heights, secure the holds properly and place landing cushions.

63D Animal Friends

Give a bit of life to the plain nursery walls with these cool 3D animal friends – available in our shop here!

7Birch Forest Workout for Small Kids

In addition to placing rock climbing holds, you can also paint the wall or apply a themed wallpaper in order to give the upward journey a cool fascinating story.

8Ceiling Nets for Climbing


If you are a proud mom of energetic boys, you can also consider another climbable indoor feature – a ceiling net! Suitable for primary schoolers, this fun addition is great for climbing, flipping and other impressive stunts!

9Floating Reading Nook Net

A similar option for teenagers would be to install a floating net. It requires more space and a greater initial investment, but this cool feature will certainly appeal to a moody youngster who’d like to be left alone.

10Soccer-Inspired Boys Playroom

Kids of all ages go through phases where they fixate on a single passion. Thus, supporting them in their endeavors to emulate soccer players and pursue their interests can turn into a fun bonding experience for both of you!

11Black & White Teepee

Teepees are a popular decor choice because they add so much to a kids playroom – from play and hosting opportunities to a cozy bed alternative. There are a bunch of DIY and assembly-ready options out there, thus making it easy to set up one over the coming weekend!

12Rustic Minimalism

For a rustic minimalist theme, source your child’s toys from handcrafters and toymakers. You can also revive old playmates from your parents’ attic.

13Fun Educational Chalkboard

Use a giant chalkboard to educate your little ones on science and other subjects. Fun, colorful and innovative illustrations will certainly draw their attention and leave a mark on their subconscious.

14Dreamy Wallpapers for Little Princesses

If you prefer to set up dreamy princess playgrounds for your little girl, wallpapers with rosy clouds would be the ideal starting point!

15Fairy Tale Nursery Playground

Here’s how to neatly transform a tight nursery space into a magical forest from the fairytales…

16Tower Bridge

Setting up a background with impressive architectural patterns can be great for stimulating creativity and cognitive skills.

17Animals & Snuggle Nooks

It’s all too familiar to all of us that small people get fascinated by giant animals – giraffes, elephants, dinos, you name it! Setting up a tropical playground or a dino world will certainly thrill them above and beyond!

18Slide Design

As long as you’re looking, you’ll also find plenty of sleek ready-made designs that marry playground and sophistication like you’ve never seen it before.

19Nordic Simplicity

Complete the Nordic look by adding some matching pillows – available from our shop!

20Pebble Pillows

Comfort additions like bean bags, swings and soft play pillows are always welcome!

21Balance Board

Balance boards are widely used in kinder gardens and schools to improve balance, coordination, posture and core strength.

22Creative Spaces in White

White can be a great color pick for a child’s play area. It works for a very visually pleasing aesthetic and you can always combine it with black or another bright color later on, e.g. vibrant yellow or deep blue.

23Animal Portraits

Reproductions of original paintings are a great addition to a playroom if your child has an artistic inclination. After all, small details in our surroundings get to play a bigger role later on in our lives.

24Highways & Dinosaurs

You may feel strongly about a single design aesthetic. However, remember that your toddler will inevitably want to maintain a certain level of chaos. Feel free to mix it up, because your kid probably will.

25Rustic Inspired Play Area

For a feel of country and rustic landscapes, add wooden ladders, frames and handcrafted toys. Sometimes kids need country more than urban.

26Mini Dwellings


With rare exceptions, most kids are fascinated by cave-style shelters, mini-dwellings and all sorts of pillow and blanket forts. Enter their world of fantasy and magic by helping them build one!

27Soothing Minimalist Design

Minimalist Scandinavian style environments work better for the brain – the more clutter and stuff there is, the more agitation for the nervous system. Less is more.

28Creative Wallpapers

Jungle, tropics, wildlife, safari, boho and florals – there are some amazing themed wallpapers for kids rooms out there! It’s a great way to freshen up the space with minimal effort.

29Animal Wallpaper Design

You can also use stickers for decor accents. Look for the reproduction of some amazing artwork for children.

30The Harmonious Mess

Kids will make a mess and ‘forget’ to clean it up. One way to alleviate the ‘eye sore’ from heaps of random toys and furniture is to equip the playroom with toys of the same materials. For instance, you can pick play sets and playground equipment in a rustic barn style. In this way, a “mess” can look more harmonious and natural.

31Vintage Dollhouse

Procuring and restoring vintage pieces is a great way to be sustaniable and bring some timeless magic to your child’s play space!

32Boho Dollhouse

Here is a boho toddler who has her florals right! We know so many little ladies who enjoy boho chic surroundings from an early age. Wicker baskets, handcrafted Etsy toys, vintage dollhouses, feather dreamcatchers – it’s an easy-to-set-up and very rewarding aesthetic!

33Hypnotic Box World

Another amazing idea is to create a mini neighborhood or village of piled boxes where your little ones can set up entire households and other fun establishments.

34Ballet Barres

Here is another great way to store toys vertically – we love the line-up of vintage stuffed animals!

35Outdoor Playhouse


There are plenty of outdoor play sets you can get online. However, you can also easily build and outfit a modest – yet charming looking – afternoon tea house for your little lady and her friends. It also works great as a sheltered area easy to set up in the backyard.

36Little Cubs Corner Market

Alternatively, you can also splurge on ready-to-assemble kits and sets.

37Triceratops Stool

These plush padded dino stools – though a bit pricey – are an amazing addition to a more formal looking living area with play upgrades for the little ones.

38Stylish Wood Decor

This set-up may seem way too prim and you’re probably right. Half an hour into their play time, your little one’s redecoration super powers will surely kick in and rearrange everything. However, maintaining a clean design and selecting fabrics and materials consciously will help with optimizing a soothing aesthetic and a healthier environment.

39Miniature Household

Kids have so much fun emulating the world of adults. Whether you choose to build a DIY kitchen or get a ready-to-assemble supermarket play set, setting up a space where they can practice their sense of responsibility is a great way to keep things fun and educational!

Let us know which one’s your favorite, momoozes, more great inspiration to come your way!



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