20+ Fun Minecraft Bedroom Ideas for Your Child

Do you have a Minecraft fan at home? If yes, these fun Minecraft bedroom ideas will give you another reason to remodel your home this season.

Furnishing a kid’s bedroom is one of the important tasks that sooner or later every parent has to deal with in order to provide the necessary space and independence for their child.

Planning and furnishing a toddler room sounds like a fun endeavor that allows you to go back to your childhood years and release your creativity. On the other hand, however, creating a truly functional space where your little one will have enough room to play, study and rest require a lot of effort.

Especially when your kid shows passion for certain themes like Minecraft.

We have rounded up some furnishing tips to help you with this exciting Minecraft project.

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Minecraft Bedroom Ideas

  • Start by choosing a color scheme- green, cyan, pink, orange, white, brown, and black are the main Minecraft colors.
  • Choose the right bed- Sleek bed, Aquarium bed, Gravestone bed, Simple cute bed, Dark bed, Zen bed, Enclosed bed, or Elevated bed
  • Make sure there is enough storage space- chests, barrels, and blocks are ideal for keeping all toys, clothes, and school supplies on the right spot
  • Create a corner for play and entertainment- no matter of the design and storage solution you will choose for your kid’s bedroom, it is essential to keep enough space where they will be able to play and have some rest.

1. LEGO Minecraft Lamp

minecraft bedroom ideas

2. Minecraft Bedroom

minecraft bedroom ideas 1
source: FB/ anita dempster

3. DIY Book Ends

minecraft bedroom ideas 2

4. Minecraft Bedroom Wall

minecraft bedroom ideas 3

5. Minecraft Wall Decoration

minecraft bedroom ideas 4

6. Minecraft Ottoman

minecraft bedroom ideas 5
source: Pinterest @mackenzietuckey

7. Minecraft Work Station

minecraft bedroom ideas 6

8. Minecraft Bedroom Door

minecraft bedroom ideas 7

9. Minecraft Bedroom Ideas

minecraft bedroom ideas 8

10. Minecraft Shelves Tree

minecraft bedroom ideas 9
source: Pinterest @denyerjamie


minecraft bedroom ideas 10
source: Pinterest @ jennasgonzalez

12. Minecraft Bedroom Self

minecraft bedroom ideas 11

13. Minecraft DIY Block Wall

minecraft bedroom ideas 12

14. Minecraft Wall Stickers

minecraft bedroom ideas 13
source: Pinterest @lezleylynch

15. TNT Ottoman and Storage Boxes

minecraft bedroom ideas 14
source: Pinterest @jemagrassby/

16. DIY Minecraft Bedroom

minecraft bedroom ideas 15
source: Pinterest @jacquelinekh1

17. DIY Wall Minecraft Decor

minecraft bedroom ideas 16
source: Pinterest @skylartang9

18. Minecraft Block Painted Storage

minecraft bedroom ideas 17

19. DIY Minecraft Desk

minecraft bedroom ideas 18

20. Minecraft Bedroom Puf

minecraft bedroom ideas 19

21. Minecraft Lights

minecraft bedroom ideas 20

22. Minecraft Bedroom

minecraft bedroom ideas 21

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