10 or So Awesome Accessories for a Harry Potter Inspired Kids Room

Children’s literature is magical! It is one of the most powerful conduits for kids’ imagination and it teaches the little ones mental role-playing at an early developmental stage.

Now, imagine the potency of an actual environment that resembles your favorite fictional world! Where wizards cast spells, good overcomes evil and friends adventure into the unknown…

Welcome to our Harry Potter-inspired edition of kids’ bedroom accessories which will weave some tiptoe-worthy magic into your daily search for inspiration!

Wizards welcome, muggles tolerated! The Warner Bros Studios have a stunning themed collection for kids bedrooms, and obviously, there are several major retailers and off-brand lines that will give you more wizardly options.

Additionally, there are two decades worth of Harry Potter-themed DIY tutorials in the net sphere, if you wish to create something yourself and surprise your child. The variations are endless and fascinating – from dark, Halloween-style bedroom set-ups to delicate, bright interiors featuring plenty of fairy lights and soft pastel colors!

Here, we bring you some of the most unique suggestions for a Harry Potter-themed kids room!
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Hogwarts Acceptance Letters

Harry Potter inspired kids bedroom Hogwarts acceptance letter momooze.com online magazine for moms

The fairy lights & printable Harry Potter letters combo belongs to the DIY corner. You can set up an imitation of a fireplace in the child’s bedroom and create a skewed setup of ‘flying’ Hogwarts acceptance letters. It’s easy to execute!

Free Dobby Sock Holder

Harry Potter inspired kids bedroom free dobby socks momooze.com online magazine for moms

There are a few variations of these out there and Etsy, in particular, abounds with charming, hand-painted sock holders. If you can imitate the HP font and have a free afternoon to yourself, this could also turn into an amusing DIY side project. You could also create an Alohomora key rack for the living room or entranceway!

Page One of Chapter One

Harry Potter inspired kids bedroom first page Harry Potter law momooze.com online magazine for moms

Ok, this is not an accessory, but we had to include it for the mere ingenuity! There is this story of a mom who handpainted the first page of ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ on one of the walls in her child’s bedroom. This DIY project is among the most original ones we have spotted online so far! Alternatively, you could also decoupage printed editions of ‘The Daily Prophet’ on a table, mirror frame, cupboard, or any plain accessories!

Gryffindor Dorm Canopy Bed

Harry Potter inspired kids bedroom gryffindor canopy bed momooze.com online magazine for moms

This one is pretty straightforward, as the basic materials needed are nothing too unconventional. You just need to find the right fabrics in scarlet and gold in order to emulate the Gryffindor House colors. It involves purchasing or constructing a canopy-style wooden frame and getting the right velvety drapes that would recreate the original dorm look.

Golden Snitch Desk Lamp

Harry Potter inspired kids bedroom golden snitch desk lamp momooze.com online magazine for moms

This accessory comes straight out of Pottery Barn and if they still have it in stock, you can skip the do-it-yourself shenanigans. As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of off-the-shelf HP-themed accessories for a kids’ bedroom or even an adult bedroom, yet you could also order a custom-designed accessory if you know a talented artist or studio.

The Lumos Key Switch

Harry Potter inspired kids bedroom first page lumos key switch momooze.com online magazine for moms

Once again, Etsy is full of whimsical Lumos light switch covers to choose from! Alternatively, you could get marquee letters lights that spell out LUMOS.

Patronus Light

Harry Potter inspired kids bedroom patronum light momooze.com online magazine for moms

Expecto Patronus! The spell, which produces an animal guardian for a wizard. The deer is an iconic symbol associated with ‘the boy who lived’, yet your kid might want to choose its own Patronus/animal. If your little one still fears the dark and wants to have the lights on during sleep, hanging a ‘Patronus Light’ in their bedroom could be a great way to help them work on their fears and feel safe and protected.

Golden Snitch Bean Bag

Harry Potter inspired kids bedroom snitch bean bag momooze.com online magazine for moms

This flashy bean bag also hails from the themed Pottery Barn collection, but you could easily move it around the house and use it for movie nights in the living room. This accessory is particularly good for when your overall design idea is to maintain a bright and soft color palette. Otherwise, the signature HP colors are usually dark and deep.

Invisible Bookshelves

Harry Potter inspired kids bedroom invisible bookshelf momooze.com online magazine for moms

Waingardium Leviosa! We doubt that the spell would work in your case, but there are plenty of levitating bookshelves tutorials out there, which will help you recreate this at home in just a few minutes. The trick is to screw L-shaped wall brackets into the wall and use the bottom book to conceal those. Additionally, for durability, some use velcro on the bottom book to stabilize it, while others use a magnet instead.


Harry Potter inspired kids bedroom wall mural momooze.com online magazine for moms

When it comes to murals and wallpapers, there is already an overwhelming variety of those available on the market. However, wizards of the paint brush – plenty of moms out there, admit it! – can also come up with a unique piece for their kid’s bedroom and, ultimately, create a whole new experience of comforting coziness.

Marauder’s Map Decoupage

Harry Potter inspired kids bedroom marauders map doors momooze.com online magazine for moms

You will find plenty of Marauder’s Map foils online or you can just renew a decor piece using decoupage. Whatever you have the time, energy and budget for!

Enchanted Ceiling Candles

Harry Potter inspired kids bedroom enchanted ceiling candles momooze.com online magazine for moms

Finally, there is nothing more magical and reminiscent of a Hogwarts’ Great Hall scene than a multitude of glowing candles floating under a velvety canopy. Roll up your sleeves, stock up on LED lights and toilet paper (you’ll need a lot of rolls), and get the ladder!

Which one is your favorite Harry Potter kid bedroom accessory?

Let us know, momoozes!

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