recover home after damage house ceiling online magazine moms

In case you have just had an issue with your home and had to make an insurance claim, you will not have to settle for the offer you got and get the repairs done based on the estimates. While you can replace the damaged items and repaint your home, you also have to deal with the hidden risks and make your home healthy again. Below you will find a few tips to ensure your home is safe to move back into after a damage.

1Get a Structural Survey

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It is important that you get a structural survey. Some insurance companies will cover this, but if not, you will need to talk to a public adjuster, so you can carry out these important checks. If the floor boards or the foundation suffered a weather damage, it is crucial that you talk to a professional and find out whether they need to be strengthened. You don’t want to put your family in danger just to get back to your home as soon as possible.


recover home after damage house staircase disinfect online magazine moms

It is also crucial that you get your entire home disinfected and professionally cleaned. While the soft furnishing and carpets are likely to be replaced after the incident, you will also have to ensure that there are no toxic materials left in the house that will make it unhealthy to live in. Get an air quality check before you decide to move back in, so you are not putting anyone’s health in danger.

3Damp Damage

recovering home after damage online magazine for moms

In case there was a leak or a fire, you will need to get the dampness out of the walls, or they can ruin your decor and your health. Mold might form on the walls and on the ceiling, and it will be hard to prove that it is caused by the same incident. There are some professional companies offering dehumidifiers that are placed in your home that suffered a water damage, so you can start decorating again once you had your insurance settlement.

4Check Your Floor Boards

recover home after damage house staircase floor boards online magazine moms

It is crucial that you check your floorboards for damage, so you don’t have to ruin your decor and take off the expensive flooring because there is something rotting underneath. You must get the contractors to check the condition of your floor and change the boards that were damaged, or you will face health risks and find it hard to justify your further claim.

5Pest Control and Air Duct Checks

recover home after damage online magazine moms
Termite Damage

If you want to live in a healthy home, you will need to keep pests, dust, and toxic materials out of the air. Before you approve the work completed by the contractors, you will have to ensure that they checked for the hidden dangers and there are no further risks that can put your or your family members’ health at risk.

There are plenty of things to check before you approve the work carried out by the insurance company’s contractors after a claim, so you can rest assured that the condition and functionality of your home is fully restored.

recover home after damage house ceiling online magazine moms