top 10 relaxing mom rituals unwind online magazine for moms

So you’re a mom now and your routine is all out of whack. So long to binge watching Netflix and hello to a seemingly endless parade of dirty diapers. Now that you’ve had your bundle of joy, it is very important that you reset your internal rhythm, and the thing that’ll help you the most is setting up rituals. No matter how simple, they will help you anchor your internal clock, and get in tune with your self (which, you must admit, is hard now that your focus has to be on another little creature). However, in order to do so, you must learn consistency – it takes about two weeks for your rituals to become routines.

In this article, we’ll provide 10 examples of fun AND useful rituals you can take up in order to get the reins back in your hands!

1Grab the Procrastination Bull by Its Lazy Horns

top 10 relaxing mom rituals no procrastination online magazine for moms

There’s really not much worth doing the dishes if it’s going to take you 3 months. Therefore, practicing anti-procrastination techniques on a daily basis can be an excellent way to always be on top of your chores and establish a gritty routine at the same time.

2Make Exercise Fun

top 10 relaxing mom rituals fun workouts online magazine for moms

Working out on a regular basis has numerous benefits both for your body and your mind. To take full advantage of this, however, you’ll have to start doing it on a regular basis. To do this, find a fitness routine that you find fun, so you won’t feel bad every time you see it’s gym o’clock!

3Set up a Kick-Bottom Routine

top 10 relaxing mom rituals schedule online magazine for moms

Ehm… this one should have probably been number one on this list. Oh, well. Organizing your daily activities in a time-saving fashion allows you to be efficient, concentrated, and productive every day. What’s more, designating time slots for different activities throughout the day leaves you with more free time, as well. Go figure!

4Keep a Journal

top 10 relaxing mom rituals journal online magazine for moms

Tough maritime polar explorers, astronauts up there all lonesome and floating about, and then you, why not?
Since you’ll have plenty of work to go through every day as a young mom, writing down your experiences along the way can be a great ritual to take up, as it will give you a sense of proportion AND allow you to get creative a bit.

5Rub Ye Eyebrows!

top 10 relaxing mom rituals online magazine for moms

Believe it or not, one of the ways to reduce stress and headache is to gently run the brinks of your eyebrows. Either this or any sort of massage on a regular basis can do wonders for your overall well-being. If you can’t take out the time to go to a massage, consider investing in a neck massager or even a massage chair, why not!

6Join a New Mom Society

top 10 relaxing mom rituals new mom society online magazine for moms

Moms do all get together sometimes to discuss the questions of maternity, chores, finances, and on a good day – Jeff Goldblum and how he hasn’t aged a day and his olive complexion and how he sort of scoffed Ivanka Trump in a 2007 interview – which some people find cool nowadays for some reason.  Join a local mom support group, you’ll have a blast. No doubt about it.

7Use Your Experience to Hack the Beautifying Time

top 10 relaxing mom rituals makeup online magazine for moms

As a mature woman, you’ll know a thing or two about makeup. Use your knowledge to hack down the time you spend making yourself pretty. That way you’ll be both pretty and proud of how quickly you’ve rendered yourself pretty.

8Embrace the Technology

top 10 relaxing mom technology online magazine for moms

And by ‘technology’, we mean the computer and possibly Amazon’s Alexa. Paying your bills online can save you some time, so you’ll have more of it all for yourself!

9Always Have Some Alone Time

top 10 relaxing mom rituals alone time online magazine for moms

Speaking of the devil! Organizing your schedule and activities around a realistic schedule will surely leave with plenty of free time, no matter how busy you are. 

10Get a Daily Dose of Inspiration

top 10 relaxing mom rituals inspiration online magazine for moms

To get inspired – Some folks use technology to watch merry foals frolicking in the wild, some watch Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liner compilations, some of them reminisce about times when there weren’t any computers at all and then there are the people who do it the proper way and watch the same photo of Jeff Goldblum for five minutes every day.

Whatever your inspirational content of choice happens to be, make sure to get a dose of it every day. No exceptions. It can do wonders for your inner drive and motivation.  What it all boils down to is keeping a realistic outlook and adapting your schedule to your according to your little one to keep the frustration at bay. We wish you all the best on your road to becoming a happy and successful mom! Hope you liked the list and cheers!

top 10 relaxing mom rituals unwind online magazine for moms