Are you thinking about re-designing your living room? Or perhaps you finally got the courage to go full-on farmhouse theme? Or maybe you’re just looking for a bit of a refresh for a tired looking space in your home.

Whatever the case might be, we are here to provide plenty of inspiration to do any of the above. Farmhouse style is increasing in popularity this year and with affordable home accessories and plenty of online inspiration it’s never been easier to pull this off.

Whether you’re going full-on DIY mode or just get everything delivered from the store, here are some key looks to give you the inspiration to go forward.

PS: Don’t forget that farmhouse living is not just shades of beige, there is so much more you can do with your living space!


1Feature Wall

Surround yourself with inspiration every day. While your house might be already full of family pictures, why not do something like this – a wall full of inspirational words or even quotes.

Most of these can be bought in store or printed for free from the internet, all you need is frames and a bit of arrangement on the wall.

2Reused Window Frames

For a true farmhouse feeling, you cannot go wrong with re-purposed old window frames, preferably in washed-off white tones.

As an added bonus, if you use mirrors, it also makes the room optically bigger.

3Dark Wood

Farmhouse living is not just washed-off white tones. The living room can look gloriously stylish in dark wood, without getting too much of cabin fever. Use elements of white and greens to lighten up the darkness that the wood might bring.

4Feature Clock

Vintage style feature clock is a beautiful addition to any living space, especially one with beautiful natural materials like this one.

5Simple Contrast

A lot of the time, farmhouse-style houses can feel a little overcrowded, but here is a bit of evidence that you can still pull off the look without stuffing your home with accessories and furniture.

6Family Values

Key members of your family and messages you want to remember – this beautiful collage of frames, photos and motivational words works beautifully on a beige wall.

7Livingroom Window

Cozy up the window display in your living room. Even small windows like this one can look stylish and cozy.

8Family Treasures

If you love books, they are great for a shelf display but they rarely look very tidy. This solution is perfect for those who want to display all their books without having to sacrifice the style you are looking for – simply turn the books with the open end forward or prepare custom covers for each book to make them look more uniform.

9Bring on the Candles!

The more the merrier, that especially applies to candles. Tall candlesticks are the best feature for farmhouse living, just beware of the fire hazards.

10Simple Sofa

Keeping this simple is important if you think your style might change. A neutral sofa is a great base for any living space styling and lets you experiment with the rest of the space without having to spend $$ on expensive new furniture to match your existing sofa.

11Add Greenery

Plants are a vital part of a home and just because you’re going for the farmhouse look it doesn’t mean you should leave these out. Compliment the look of your living space by choosing rattan pot covers or a similar solution to match your green friends to the rest of the decor.

12Exposed Bricks

No need to be scared of exposed bricks, even if they’re not the color you wanted. A simple coat of white will tone down the harshness of the bricks and looks brilliant when combined with other white wooden furniture.

13Statement Centerpiece

Long lasting blooms will bring life back to your living space – and you don’t need to be an expert florist to make one of these yourself!

14Statement Vase

Candles tend to be the focus point for farmhouse living decor, but you can also choose to go a bit more bold with a statement vase like this one. No fire hazard and blooms can liven up the place much more than candles would ever do.

15Put Your Family in Focus

Black and white usually looks more stylish than the usual colored family photos and that especially applies to large scale prints. If you’re looking to get portraits done, get inspired by this look which would fit nearly any living space.

16Small Finishing Touches

It’s important to also think of any possible guests that might come to spend time with you, or visitors popping in. Your decor should not only be pretty, but also functional.

17Multi-Functional Tables

Tables are pretty but if there have zero storage space they are just that – a decoration. Consider that when selecting your living space table – it should have plenty of storage space to quickly put away any clutter that tends to accumulate.

18A Splash of Nautical

Get a bit of vacation vibes by using shades of blue – the beachside cottage vibe will certainly make you feel like you’ve just arrived at an exotic destination.

19TV Cover

We can all agree that a big black box rarely compliments any theme or style you might choose for your living room. Having a simple hide out option like this one will solve the problem without you having to live without a television in your living room.


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